NAUCC 2008 results posted?

Have the NAUCC 2008 results been posted anywhere? I didn’t see anything on the NAUCC 2008 site. I’m specifically interested in 10K (limited and unlimited) results.


NAUCC results will likey show up on the Unicycling Society of America site first. I don’t see anything there yet.

I, too, am waiting to see some of the results.

The USA’s webmaster will be on his Unicon and post-Unicon trip until August 16. I’ve received no results yet…

Note on the 10k: It wasn’t 10 kilometers. According to a sign that was posted literally right next to where the race started, we raced 5.1 miles (instead of 6.2). That was the distance to “Custer Trailhead,” which I assume was the crossroad and parking lot adjacent to the trail in the center of the town of Custer. That was the finish line.

In the future I think it would be good to check with race organizers to see if they are measuring their courses… :slight_smile:

Huh? A 10K race thats not 10K long?..tom

Yeah I was expecting to ride faster for the last 2 miles or so but then the end came and i was like what the heck??!

Thanks John for the info. Does this mean that we have to wait until the end of August until we get NAUCC results? Makes it kind of hard to contact local media about how team did when we don’t have ANY results! Does ANYONE have any unofficial results? Specifically does ANYONE have any results for track and artistic, official or unofficial?


10K Lite :slight_smile:

What specfically did you want to know about Artistic? I can remember some of it.

Matt Sindelar won male expert.
Becky Banning won female expert.
Christopher Hugo won male advanced.
Ann McLaughlin won female advanced

Expert pairs was won Becky Banning and someone I can’t remember.

I think you call that Oops. Each competition event is only as good as the team that puts it together, including their available time and resources. In this case it should have been pretty obvious but I think the organizers were spread pretty thin, or there was a miscommunication as to who was in charge of that event. A lot of people just jumped in and helped out.

We had a similar problem with the 10k at NAUCC in 2005 (Bowling Green), where we rode quite a bit farther, I think. Plus Gilby going the wrong way and adding even to that (and still winning).

We have similar problems with the off-track events at the track, namely the High and Long Jump, though the Slow Races are sometimes run sketchily as well.

Thank You Jethro for something. 'tis better than anyone who should be posting the results! Was looking for something a little bit more comprehensive.

Been 3 weeks!!! dozens of people who spent $$$$$$ to attend have no results!!! (wonder why no one comes???)

Does anyone know who has the results? Does anyone know when they will be posted.

THIS IS THE NORTH AMERICAN COMPETITION.!!! No wonder every one else thinks we’re a joke.

HELLO??? anybody???

The people that have the database files containing the NAUCC 2008 results (most likely one of the Cotters) are almost certainly in Denmark helping to run UNICON.

As John Foss said, it isn’t a perfect system. Everybody associated with the USA is a volunteer and there are never enough volunteers to go around at (and after) NAUCC. Until the volunteer that has the database files has time to process them and either post them to the NAUCC 2008 Web site and / or send them to the USA Webmaster, there isn’t anything anybody else can do.

Erg D:

Well, this thread kinda died…but im still wondering about the results. I mean the results from 2007 aren’t even up yet and the website for 07 and 08 are gone. Does anyone know whats going on?