NAUCC 2008 issues

While reading over the schedule for NAUCC '08, I noticed that the setting up of the street course takes place right after the trials section. I’m really hoping this isn’t a repeat of last year where the street course is just thrown together off the trails obstacles. This would be a great disappointment as well as a slap in the face for America. Being the Europe has already had skate parks in use for the street competition in two events (FLUCK 2007, and Wunschkonzert 2008). Now it may seem that the best person will still win, however, the weaker (more poorly made) street course, the more the playing field will be leveled. Now seems favorable to a lot of riders, however, (this isn’t an argument for my sake either) shouldn’t these competitions be legit as possible? Just my small testimony.

On a side note, will there be a best trick competition? Or maybe the first organized game of U-N-I (Also known as out)?

-Shaun Johanneson

I hope not. I want it to be good

Shaun said:

I am not totally sure where the street comp will be held - but I do know that this is one of the competitions that is very important to the organizers of this NAUCC. I will bring this to the attention of the organizers.

Shaun, since you’re so close to the event this year, will you be able to help out and possibly visit and find a more appropriate place if the trials materials shouldn’t be used?

BTW - I’ve noticed that you’re not registered for NAUCC (or Unicon either!). Are you planning on attending both?


on an unrelated note, where do you go to register for NAUCC?

Poor America, can’t even afford a Street course. :slight_smile: Yes, last year’s setup was not the best. Though I don’t know what makes a great Street course, that one seemed to be pretty limited, as well as being too spread out and hard to watch or photograph.

But now you’ve got an invitation to be a direct contributor to a solution. I’m sure the folks in Rapid City would love your help if it’s possible for you. What makes a good Street course as opposed to a good Trials course anyway? The part that’s obvious to me is sight lines; the judges, spectators (and photographers) need to be able to see well. Unfortunately a skate park can only be used if there is one, if it’s possible to set up there, and (the hard part) if the hosts can get permission to use it.

I’ve seen very very impressive trials courses. lol. I do understand the difficulty of using a skatepark. However, if there is time, building a few seperate obstacles just for the street course, then using also some parts from the trials course, would be good enough. I’m more worries about the rail and ledge situation. They need to be slanted to be good unfortunently. Nothing needs to be built very high to be good (FLUCK 2007). Then maybe a 5 set and 3 set would be prime. For showing up early, is totally possible. I will have Kelly and Spencer at my house weeks before hand just riding and enjoying summer. If NAUCC wants us out there early I would love to help with anything needed. Please someone get in contact with me if interested from NAUCC to discuss this.

-Shaun Johanneson