Naucc 2007

naucc is gonna be my 1st unicycle competition/convention ever so im pretty excited for it. I was wondering, how big is naucc? are a lot of “big” riders gonna be there, and if your going what kinda stuff to bring?

I don’t know how big they usually are seeming as though I’ve never been to any unicycling convention, but I’m pushing Kaori to go there this summer. So far it looks like it’s a good chance that we’re going.

Happy to hear that you’ll make it this year. We’re hoping for about 250 riders this summer, but I can’t give you any “big” names yet. When you come bring along any cycles (and safety equipment) you think you’ll use. There will be trials and street, muni, 10K, hockey, basketball, artistic, and racing. There will also be fun muni and downtown rides. Most people ride 20" trials cycles for trial, 24" unis (with knobby tires and longer cranks) for the muni events, any cycle (with shorter cranks) for the 10K - even Cokers, 24" unis for racing, and 20" unis for artistic. I hope that answers your questions…

Check out some NAUCC FAQs at

I’m 6’ tall, which is above average. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m flying, so I will probably only have two unicycles. When it’s in driving range I’ll bring a whole bunch! Giraffe, big wheel, BC, Coker, etc. All of those types of cycle will be there I’m sure. Just hope the USA doesn’t rely on the On One Wheel to publicize the event. In that case the turnout will be small!

Just kidding. Last Year’s NAUCC was done without the aid of On One Wheel, and was very well attended, especially since it was in a brand new state! These conventions have been hosted in Michigan since the beginning. That is, the very beginning, in 1973 in Pontiac, before the USA Inc. was even founded.