NAUCC 2007 Information

The venues are now set for NAUCC 07. We will be in Saline, Michigan for most events. Saline is about 10 miles away from Ann Arbor. The dates are Friday, July 27 - Wednesday, August 1, 2007.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday afternoon and evening - Registration
Friday afternoon - Workshops and Opening Ceremony
Friday evening - Basketball
Saturday - Artistic Competition
Saturday evening - USA Meeting and The Beford Experience
Sunday - Artistic Competition
Sunday evening - Public Show, Raffle, Awards
Monday and Tuesday - Track Competition (Trials will be set up both days)
Monday evening - Hockey
Tuesday late afternoon - Trials Competition
Tuesday evening - Parade Competition
Tuesday night - Flaming Puck Hockey
Wednesday morning - Muni Cross Country
Wednesday afternoon - 10K, Muni Uphill and Downhill
Wednesday evening - Final Dinner and Awards

We will have the NAUCC website up and running soon. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

-Wendy Grzych

No street comp this year?

Crap, I probablly won’t be able to make it on those dates!

We’ll see though…

Whoa! That’s awesome! Saline and Ann Arbor are roughly 35-40 mins away from me!

I will be going hopefully for sure!!!
I am so pumped for it!!

I’ll try to make it!

no street comp :frowning:

yea like spence said no street comp? that was a great event.

We (the organizers) haven’t discussed street yet, but we will. Would you like to have street competition at a skatepark? Or would you prefer to have it at the trials site? There’s a covered, outdoor skatepark just a few miles away from our main venue. Should I see if we can rent it out?

I don’t know. some skateparks are wonderful for unicycling, but some are awful.

Like Miles said it really depends on the skatepark. Do you have any pictures of it? Some skateparks are more skateboard oriented and there is really nothing for unicyclists to do.
It would probably work well on a trials course. Some extra street obstacles would be cool like grind rails.

what he said^^^^

the Unicon street comp looked pretty good, though it seemed to be missing a grind rail, which I think would be a must.

yea if u could post a picture of it wthat would be great. cause if its to vert that would suck for riding. but if its dont boxes, rails and stairs that would be great.

edit: spencer beat me to it haha
btw thanks for hosting naucc

Just please don’t have the street comp on wednsday at least, if I do go I’ll definitly miss wedsday the 1st. :slight_smile:

I will mark those dates on my calendar.

The picture I have doesn’t show much going on at the skatepark - just some ramps on a concrete slab…probably would be better to have street where the trials competition will be which is outside the track venue on Tuesday afternoon. Once we get the schedule finalized, we’ll post it on the NAUCC 07 website (coming soon).

Hey, is there an update on the website, street comp or anything else?

(kind of a bump because people were asking about NAUCC info)

The website is up but only with tentitive info right now. Put it in your favorites and check often for updates.