NAUCC 2007 Hotel Information

You can now book a hotel room at the discounted NAUCC 2007 rate. The information will be on the website soon at

For those of you who’d like to book right away, here’s the info:

You must call the hotel of your choice directly to get the NAUCC discounted rates. Both hotels offer indoor pools and free continental breakfasts.

Sleep Inn and Suites (about 15 miles from artistic and track venues) - $55.00/night
1230 Dexter St.
Milan, MI
(734) 439-1400

Best Western Executive Plaza (about 11 miles from artistic and track venues)- $59.95/night
2900 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan
(734) 665-4444

Also, the early registration deadline has been changed to April 28, 2007.

what is the weather like in michigan around this time…
is the humidity high…are the nights warm or cold…wats the temperature for the day times…
i am debating whether or not to stay in a tent or a hotel…

At the end of July and beginning of August high temps are typically in the mid 80s F, with lows during the night in the mid 60s F. I’m not sure how to characterize the humidity except to say that it is not as humid as it is in the southern and gulf states but we do feel some humidity. (I’ve lived in New Mexico and it’s definitely “sweatier” here in Michigan.)

Summer weather in Michigan can vary; there are no guarantees. I grew up there. Generally nice and warm to hot and humid. Rain could happen any day. Nights can be cool, or may stay warm and muggy. Actual coldness is unlikely unless the humidity is nice and low.

im going to agree with John. Either humid thunder storms, or its going to be 75-85 and a little humid. you could use a tent though. last summer i went camping up at interlochen state park during this week and was fine

Thanks to Wendy and RTUC for arranging group rates at two hotels! Of the two, the Best Western Executive Plaza definitely has the nicer amenities and should be a great place for anyone on a budget, while the Sleep Inn is a little cheaper though not as big on features. The Best Western shows as 2 or 2 1/2 stars on the hotel review sites I looked at.

Jacquie and I decided to go with something a little more upscale and found one we think is really nice, but not in the same price range as those places. We’re staying at Weber’s Restaurant and Hotel, which is just a few blocks down the street from the Best Western. It shows as 3, 3 1/2 or 4 stars on the same hotel review sites. Anything over 3 is usually very nice.

Continental breakfast, free internet, indoor pool, spa, sauna, refrigerators and many other amenities. Rates start at $134.50 on Expedia, or similar if you book directly through the hotel (1-800-443-3050).

Apparently Weber’s Restaurant is a local landmark, and gets rave reviews even from people who were critical of the hotel. Maybe we’ll get a group for a big dinner there one night. Anyway, something to look at if you want to notch it up from the two convention hotels.

OK, I’m planning on booking at the Sleep Inn and I’m looking to share - Male, 57, non-smoker, with a mini-van - anybody interested? I’ve gone to the last three NAUCCs.

Also, I’m planning on driving from Central Connecticut leaving/arriving Thursday 26th to Thursday 1st - anybody want to share a ride? I think I may be able to accomodate 3. I’d be willing to go through that :astonished: :sunglasses: other :wink: North American country, via Buffalo. Yes, I have a passport.

PM me if you’re interested in either.

Just booked my ticket and room. Speaking of which, if anyone wants to share a room with me, I’d be more than happy to. I have a reservation at the Best Western for 2 queens. PM me if interested. I’m a 27 year old guy who has went to every nationals since '92. I like to take back a couple brews at the end of the day to relax and have some fun. I’m a pretty mellow easy going kinda guy. Brain PM me if you’re interested. Don’t know if I know who you are?

Also looking to share a car with someone for the weekend, otherwise I’ll just have to rent one by myself. I arrive in Detriot on Saturday 1:47pm and leave on Wednesday 10:29pm. I could possibly try and not get a car and just ride with other people to events but that kinda sucks sometimes…did it last year.

I just booked my room today and not surprisingly best western is full, I am staying at Sleep Inn and Suites. Who else is staying there?

Crap, I forgot about booking a hotel room, are we still rooming together with my friend from Illinois?

That would be fine with me, I am staying with my mom and little sister so if we were all in the same room there would be 5 of us.
Maybe we should get one more room and I can stay with you two and my mom and sister can be in the other room?

Two rooms would be fine I think. Do we know where Terry is staying?

Edit: that is if two rooms are possible. Maybe I could then convince your mom that I’m a decent driver :wink:

Haha yeah.

I don’t think Terry is coming at all now.

That’s too bad, I was looking forward to meeting him. Maybe then one room will be better, cheaper at least.

Uh, do you two have email or IM or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

is anyone camping or not staying in a hotel?

I think this information is useful to everyone; our lives are just that important to everybody.

My IM doesn’t work at my job. And email…umm, well, I have no clever answer for that:o

I have a room booked at the Best Western with 2 queen beds and am looking for roommates if you guys are interested, just let me know. I really don’t want to stay and pay for a room all by myself…