NAUCC 2007 competition results

NAUCC 2007 competition results have been
posted here

I know nothing of the 10K course specs, but were any of the 10K Unlimited riders on a guni?

I believe there were three gunis in the unlimited. Details can be found in this post.

thats kinda gay how i got last…i think sideways wheel walks and leg extended coasts beat a 5 ft uni and some jazz hands anyday. i think they should have a freestyle contest and then a skill contest…no theatrics jsut straight skill, that would be so real. anything goes. anwyays my two cents…im sure there will be haters but i wont read it. videos almsot done, peace.


Yeah, I think there needs to be an open x competition (or flatland:)).

Why aren’t the street results on there?

This word…I do not think it means what you think it means.


Does anyone know how long the muni course officially was, and how long it took Andy Cotter to finish?

The results, if I’m interpreting correctly, just list how fast people were in comparison to him (essentially), I’d like to know how long it took him to finish. And if the course was cut down to 10K or what.

I appreciate any help, thanks.

The numbers listed under the Cross-Country “Time or Distance(m)” column appear to be the order of finish and not any indication of time. The way they have it listed is sort of awkward. I think I heard the expert Cross-Country course was estimated to be about 4 miles.

As tricks, they do. You were in a Freestyle competition. Did you do Freestyle, or a bunch of tricks?

For pure skill, we have the Standard Skill event. But you have to choose from the tricks on the list. The only other thing we have currently is the Street competition, but a set of Flatland rules are being proposed for the IUF, based on the new Street rules proposal (it’s not up yet).

I think the final course length was somewhere closer to 3.5 miles, but I don’t have an exact length. It followed a clear course through the park, so it’s something somebody local could ride through and measure out. Wendy might already know a fairly accurate distance.

As for time, I don’t know. I was a few riders back and not keeping track. It was a fast course, because it was mostly flat and didn’t have any killer obstacles you had to slow down for. I think they ran it without recording any times, just the order of finishes. Andy is 1, Irene is 2, etc.

Street results may not have been included in the main database as it was an entirely new judging system that was used. Someone might need to be reminded that they weren’t posted.

i wish they posted the street results too…
i wanted to see how i did,even if it was probably last…

Why don’t they name the Overall Rough Terrain Muni and Trials champion?

Or did they do that this year? They didn’t name it on their website for last year either though…

There’s nothing about this in the rulebook, but convention hosts are free to add their own events/awards.

As for me, I’m hoping we get away from the combined award for racing. It piles on too many additional awards to people who already won a bunch, and takes attention away from the individual accomplishments of each event.

For the offroading stuff, same thing plus those events are even more different from each other and specialized. Someone who’s good at Trials might not even be interested in riding fast, for instance. The three racing events, XC, Downhill and Uphill have a lot more in common with each other, but each can also stand on its own.

I don’t think they did any combined awards for the MUni stuff this year.

Ah, I understand.

Overall MUni - Male:

  1. Cotter, Andy
  2. Semple, Zac
  3. Schramm, Pele
  4. Termeer, Cody
  5. Burgess, Joel

Overall MUni - Female:

  1. Genelin, Irene
  2. Grzych, Wendy
  3. James, Sydney
  4. Troutman-Watson, Chantelle
  5. Shields, Amy
  6. Bricker, Carol

The above is a manual calculation. It includes MUni Cross country, MUni Uphill, MUni Downhill, and Expert Trials.

The results for the MUni Xcross country do NOT have times. If they timed anyone (which I doubt), they didn’t give any results to the people doing the data entry. What is shown on the web pages is the order of finishing (as John said).

Street Results are posted because I haven’t gotten around to creating the page for it. Since the results aren’t in the database, the page is created manually. I’ll push that to the top of my to-do list.