NAUCC 2006 travel & lodging

I’m going to NAUCC 2006 and I’d like to either reserve a room (within the next week, at Comfort Inn, if I can) and share it, or want to share with someone else. Male, non-smoker. I’m planning on arriving Thursday evening and staying until after NAUCC (leaving Thursday morning, going to a Kite festival in RI). Hey, unicycle6869, is Andrew Wrobel’s friend Jason going?

Also, I’ll be driving from central Connecticut Wednesday around noon (I work until 7AM and I NEED my beauty sleep or the whole world gets to see ugly) and have space for three others in a large clean minivan - no crowding - maybe four if baggage is very light. Passengers split the gas and I do the driving. Three warnings:

  1. My taste in music is classical/eclectic :roll_eyes: NOT pop or rock, but I can be :sunglasses: . Yeah, I’m one those nuts that sings Christmas music in July. :roll_eyes:
  2. I stop only when the gas gauge says to :astonished: and then do it an go.
  3. Setbelts WILL be used.

I’m planning on I-91 or Merritt, Zee bridge, I-287, I-87, I-78, I-81, I-40, subject, of course, to change depending on any riders. With only 17+ hours travel time, I expect there’ll be time Thursday aft/evening to see some of Memphis or play.

Anybody interested?

OK, I have to assume that either nobody near NYC wants a ride, or people thought I was to :o caustic/demanding/overbearing. I’m not, really, I can be cool about the music & stuff and can deviate from the posted route.

Instead of flying directly to memphis, i almost want to fly to NYC and drive there with you :slight_smile:

if you would be coming from minnesota i would hop a ride.
but your not.
so i can’t.
i will just have to be at NAUCC in spirt since i can’t make it down there