NAUCC 2006 on Memphis television

The local Memphis PBS station (Channel 10) will be showing a report about unicycling this Thursday, August 3, at 7:30pm as part of a regional interest program called “Southern Routes”.

I understand it will be footage of NAUCC 2006 activities from early July and the video footage is probably supplied by Brian MacKenzie. Local commentary will be provided by our very own Memphis Mud.

Keep your fingers crossed that we get more than just a couple minutes of coverage. Ten minutes out of the 30 minute show would be great.

Memphis TV bought 5.5 minutes of edited footage from me, whether they will use it all, i don’t know…

(footage required too soon to do actual complete post production too)

That’s GREAT!

Richard, can you video it for our club’s achives?


The unicycling segment is over. It was well done. It was NAUCC 2006 footage, predominantly Street Freestyle and Cross Country with a little footage of riders inside the gym at St. George’s School. Narration was provided by our own Memphis Mud, Tom Maxwell. Well done Tom!!

Despite being too short (IMHO), I think it did a great job representing parts of unicycling that the non-unicycling world don’t know even exist.

Brian MacKenzie was listed as videographer on the show credits as well he should have been. Thanks, Brian.


Does anyone have a clip in the gallery yet…Id like to see it.

Wheel Rider,

Did you snag a video copy?


I recorded it on my VCR but I don’t have the equipment to convert it for uploading.

If you don’t mind, I would like to make a copy for the club’s archives.


alright, my first TV spot :slight_smile:

glad it went well

I just got through watching it. There was some good footage of Forrestunifreak and some of the other ‘trials/street’ guys. Brain did a great job on the footage and Tom did a great job with the commentary.

I have the clip on my DVR box which has a USB port that I have never used. I will see if I can use a jump drive and grab it somehow.

congrats sounds like some good publicity

Hey, cool!

Did you get it onto the computer yet? I would really like to have it. Thanks.

it will be on the NAUCC 2006 disc.

There is now a link to the uni-section-only version of the show on our MUC website. The link is in the MUC Update that I send out each week, under “Breaking News.”

Forrest, you are so ALL OVER this segment!