Naucc 2006 Memphis

NAUCC 2006 Memphis

I did a search and haven’t seen this mentioned on so I thought I would bring it up for those that may not check the news section of this forum.

I rec’d an e-mail from Carol Mclean and thought I would post it here for those of you that may not get it.

Also, I wanted any of you that have a unicycling website to please post a notice with the info you can find here…

Hi, everyone.

The registration form is available for NAUCC 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee. June 30 to July 5, 2006.

The first deadline is March 18. Send your registration before that date to get the lowest price.


New Skill Levels Update
We’ve been making a lot of progress lately, with many more riders using the new system. We’ve also gotten some great input on the Advanced Artistic levels (8-1 to 8-5), and we’ve been reviewing and updating the Intermediate Tall levels.

For the latest, check out the web site:

Right now, we’re looking for volunteers to design the new skill pins, so please contact me if you know of anyone who may be interested.

We appreciate the input from everyone. It’s great to be involved in setting the direction for this terrific new skills development program!

New Affiliates: Congratulations to the two clubs that have become affiliated with the USA, Inc. recently!

The Plateau Unicycle Club of Crossville, TN, under the direction of Eddie Kmet, Jr.
The Wonders Unicycle Club of PA, under the direction of Bill Hamilton.

For a list of the USA, Inc. affiliated clubs, check out:


Raffle Donations: Eddie Kmet and I are accepting donations for the raffle at NAUCC 2006. Thanks to everyone who has contacted us so far.

If you have donations (t-shirts, videos, unicycles, and other items), please contact us. Eddie’s email address is:


If you have news I can help circulate via my informal email list, please let me know.


Unicycle Central of Minnesota and
Twin Cities Unicycle Club.
USA, Inc., Skills Development Committee Chair

HERE’S ONE I would like to see accessed alot. There may have been a couple more that used MUC in the title. You even posted to it, Chad. Wake up or I’ll have to come to Atlanta and slap your face.

I did a search using NAUCC 2006. That thread didn’t show up. I forgot that you had posted something about it. Most be time to join the old geezer team. :astonished: