NAUCC 2006 – Memphis

Hi everybody!

Following the NAUCC 2005 in Ohio there was much concern about the proposed dates (June 30 – July 5, 2006) of the NAUCC 2006 – Memphis. Following the suggestions from a consensus I launched (for a second time) to find venues that would fit the travel plans that many wanted. However, finding venues in Memphis outside of the Forth of July weekend was impossible. Here in this part of the country air conditioned space is at a premium and the owners of gyms have their own programs that take priority to outside groups such as the U.S.A. Thus, I had to set the dates around the available venues.

Thus, the dates for the NAUCC 2006 – Memphis will be June 30 through July 5th.

I am very excited about the coming events and the opportunity to share my community with all of you from around the world and to share my unicycling buddies with my community.

As you all know, putting on such an event is a huge undertaking. Please e-mail me if you are interested in helping throw this uni-party. The good thing about volunteering is that you get to throw that kind of party that you would like to attend. Help us to throw a spectacular and fun event for all of us!

Below is a short list of committees that you can participate in to help with the presentation of this event. You don’t have to live in Memphis to help plan and present this event. The Memphis Unicycle Club will do all the heavy lifting before the date here to ensure that everything is in place when we all gather.

Please send me an e-mail with committees or events that you would like to help present. Include in the subject of the e-mail “NAUCC 2006 – Memphis” (This will alert me that your e-mail is not spam!).

E-mail me at:

Volunteer early to avoid the rush!

Sponsorship/ Promotion
Records – at events
T-shirt Committee / Sales
Hotel / Motel / Camping Accommodations
MUni Competition
Trials Competition
Marathon – 10K
Uphill – Downhill
Coker fun rides
MUni fun rides
Awards Banquet
Special Memphis events (local info)