Naucc 2006 Dvd

…should be ready in 3 weeks :slight_smile:

Do members of the host club get free copies?

Do uh, people that are in it get free copies?

Do people that just really want to see it get it for free? Ahah, :slight_smile:

any idea on the cost of the finished DVD?


I can’t wait to see the finished product. The few minutes that we saw at the NAUCC awards banquet and the footage that was shown on our local PBS affiliate was awesome!

Looking forward to seeing your complete work!


I can’t wait to get mine. Although I am World Famous, and you personally voted me to be the Prime Minister of Canada, I will gladly pay for a copy. I may buy two.:smiley: Maybe I will buy three and give one to a member of the host club?

The cost of the DVD is going to be $20, or $15 with the purchase of TWNR (new orders of TWNR only) (these prices are in Canadian)

20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Unicycling Society of America’s scholarship fund, so while I would love to give free copies to everyone, it would be coming right out of the mouths of needy students. (and $20 is basically free anyways)

Thanks for your interest everyone, this will be a happy memory of the event

Bugman for Prime Minister

Oh!! Me!! Me!! I’m a member of the host club!!

Can’t wait to see it. Any discount for multiple copies? Abby will need her own copy too.

Not to be difficult, but may I please pay the asking price plus shipping and handling for one copy when it is ready?

Ok i want one!..And put me down for a copy of Inner Balance aswell!

Any sneak peeks available. :roll_eyes:

If not I’ll wait.:frowning:

gimme a week or so


It’s been 11 days

yea brain lets see something

I thought Brian was doing the dvd, whose this brain guy? :smiley:

That reminds me of a family guy episode.

everything reminds me of a Family Guy episode.

like that time when I was in the band The 4 Peters…

should have a trailer ready tonight (which means maybe tomorrow)

My trailer still needs to be cleaned after the last camping trip.

Can you make a special Abby version of the DVD? She gets so excited when she sees herself on film. (After seeing the footage from the Memphis TV spot she went out and got herself an agent).

Wiating (sic) patiently.