NAUCC 2006 DVD: Trailer

Hey everyone, here is the trailer for the very soonly coming DVD from NAUCC 2006

In order for me to truly show the wide variety in this video, the trailer would have to be 15 minutes long. So please watch it and appreciate what a cool event this is, and how much actually gets done at this sort of event.

The song in this trailer is from Dancing About Architecture, you may recognize the awesome percussion as none other than Andrew_Carter…

The movie should be ready in a few weeks…


Brian Mackenzie

and lets not forget…

This disc will also feature a photo montage from stills provided by Mike Penton at and also have my submission to the UNICON film fest

How much was it again? didn’t you say $10 CA? If so I can definitly afford that…

The movie is $20cdn +shipping

looked good, how long is it?


Sign me up! Sign me up! I want one ! I want one!

Brian, it looks awesome, man! You are THE MAN … that is after Elvis.


Apparently I am riding (momentarily) in that UNICON clip of yours, tho I haven’t seen it for myself, I guess i’ll wait and see eh.

looks like the NAUCC main feature will be around 30 mins, I’m still waiting for a few more music issues and some things here and there, but that’s about how long it will be…

thanks for your interest

He said eh! (your part will be bigger in inner balance than in the unicon clip, maybe that would have bumped it up in the rankings from 4th)

I’m a kiwi eh, we say eh too eh. Haha. I cant wait to see more of your films eh, very cool glide cam and bound to be as killer as the last one :smiley:

just wondering, will the video quality be better?

I want one!

It will be Hi def

Correct brian?

not at first, it will be a DVD (standard def) to start with, perhaps accompanying Inner Balance on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray when those are available, and unicyclists actually have them

I’m trying to find an export setting in Premiere Pro that doesn’t look crappy, the options i found seem to be nice quality at a huge filesize, or crappy at a small file size, there doesn’t seem to be any fair comprimise that I have found as of yet…

Try re-compressing with Windows Movie Maker… or better yet, H.264 through Quicktime or iMovie :wink:

ah ha! here we go at 55MB, and much clearer, for those interested…

(i beat you to it Nick, I was just waiting for the transfer to finish uploading :slight_smile: )

by the way, for those who still don’t know what exactly High Definition is, here is a standard def (DVD) clip imported into a HD timeline…


I think you’re forgetting someone.:smiley:


then Elvis, then Brian;)

That reminds me Tommy, I need to send you a picture.

sweet the movie looks great. haha glad to see its not in stopmotion like at naucc. haha jk. way sweet that im in it:)

bug off

hold on, i’m not done editing yet…

the naucc dvd will be ready to order on friday. the main feature will be about 40 - 45 mins

edit: i tried and tried, but Jon is in there a lot :slight_smile: