NAUCC 2006 DVD: Now Available

Hey everyone, the NAUCC 2006 DVD is now available to order at for $20cdn plus shipping. (through, a secure credit card processing service)

please contact me via email at onewheel_at_rogers_dot_com if you have any additional questions about getting this disc, or if you would like to pay via paypal or money order

Running Time: 50 mins
UNICON XIII video submission (with clips from inner balance): 7 mins


YAY we love you Brian

Done deal!

How many hours of total filming did you do?

thanks! there was 20 one hour tapes to go through, not all of them were full. this isn’t a ‘home movie’ of NAUCC going through everyone’s routines, this is edited like TWNR, so no need to film 50 people’s standard skills routines :slight_smile:

I’ll defenitely get one. How many minutes did I get.:wink: (Most Likely 0)

Apparently I was the first credit card customer! That was this morning, not just now. Can’t wait!

For some reason, it is taking eons to load the page on my home computer. I’ll be ordering as soon as I get to work on Monday morning tho…

Can’t wait!!


uhhh, uhhhh…

i bought one.

Brian did an amazing job to capture essence of the NAUCC held in Memphis last summer. I had invited Brian to be the “official” videographer so that those in attendance could document their visit to Memphis and their participation in this international event. I am so proud of the work that Brian has done in this presentation. I hope that everybody that attended purchases a copy. Too, I hope that many, many more will see this to learn about the NAUCC and to prepare for future NAUCCs.

Well done, Brian. I could not be happier with my copy!


I saw some of it…great vid!!! Really good riders, and superb filming definately make for an awesome view.

Good job Brian!!!

It takes a ton of work and patience to compile a whole week of events into a short, interesting video. If you went to NAUCC 2006 this is a great memento of the event. Also if you know anyone who wants to know what a unicycle convention looks like, this is a good example because you can skip through the chapters and get a quick look at everything.

Bugman: I saw you ride past in the MUni race!

Unibrier: You got one of the rare closeups in the video, finishing the uphill race!

My favorite part was the Street Freestyle coverage. The music seemed to fit that event the best, and it’s a great bit of history of the first NAUCC Street competition.

However I wish there were a little information included with all the moving pictures. The only people with names are the Freestyle champions and the rest will remain a mystery if you don’t recognize the people. Also it doesn’t really work to show a Freestyle performance without the music, because that’s part of the whole thing. Better to show excerpts from several acts and stay within the “reasonable use” part of replaying the copyrighted music, than to show the whole thing without the music. Or to bit the bullet and not worry about those copyrights as the market for this videos is tiny.

Thanks Brian for capturing NAUCC 2006 for us all!