Naucc 2005

NAUCC 2005 will be held in Bowling Green, Ohio, July 26-31.
Anyone going?
Panther Pride Unicycle Team will probably have about 20 riders going again this year.

I’ll be there with my family. Hopefully the Alanta Unicycle Club will have a strong showing this year. We have to really start promoting it.


There will be a bunch from Toronto.

Make sure Megan AND Kristin are with you !!!

Can’t wait,

There will be a large group going from Twin Cities Unicycle Club.

I think we already have 10 going from the NYC club (NYUC or “Unatics”).

Wouldn’t miss it. Current plan is for a day of MUni on the Sunday after the convention. I guess this is still in the planning stage, so it may not be confirmed yet.

After this, if you like roller coasters, plan on at least a day at Cedar Point, the world’s greatest amusement park (not just my opinion). Check out Top Thrill Dragster, at over 400’ tall!

What about Rays??? If you’re going to make it all the way to Ohio… Rays ( is a totally awesome place definitely worth checking out (especially if you’ve never been there)!