NAUCC 2005 Workshops and Special Events!

It occurred to me that there wasn’t nearly enough online information for people planning their trips to NAUCC this summer. NAUCC is the North American Unicycling Championships and Convention, hosted by the Unicycling Society of America. It’s the biggest (and oldest) annual event in the country, featuring almost all types of riding, as well as America’s top riders.

I’m organizing workshops, plus promoting Cedar Point for the day after the convention. My detailed Web site is now up. It tells all about the workshops, MUni events, Cedar Point trip, and fills in some more information about the various Bedford events being planned, including the premiere of Defect by Dan Heaton.

If you have questions or comments, and are serious about getting a reply from me, please send me an email. My address is below, or on the site. I may not read this thread in a timely manner.

Comming up fast. Since there aren’t many Muni typ rides, maybe there can be more distance rides. Long flat rides are not common around here. A little cokering would be fun.

I’m sure we can figure out some road rides for people who are interested. Campus tour, town tour, farm tour, etc.

There is a decent paved trail that runs south out of Bowling Green along the old railroad tracks. If I remember, it is about 15 miles long and fairly scenic.

Edit: Here is a link with a map and more info:

It all sounds really great. I wish I could come.

Thanks! That should make a real nice 29er/Coker ride. I’ll be bringing my 29er…

I’d think more seriously about making 6+ hour drive if there were more trials and muni stuff scheduled. Cedar Point is tempting though…

Are there any more trials events in the making?


Only a week until we hit the road. I can’t wait.

Cedar Point alone is worth the drive. You really should make the trip! Apparently we will be able to purchase discount tickets at a local Meijer store.

Be sure to check all the updates to the workshop schedule:
Now we have quite a few more. It’s shaping up very nicely!

Trials is always a question of who can build what and where. There are no Trials experts in the area, so we’ll get what we get. If time and materials are available, it might be possible for some more experienced riders to build some harder stuff if they are interested, allowed, and have materials and transportation to the park.

It is possible we will organize at least one road trip to a MUni trail in Michigan, or a more local road ride.

See you tomorrow!

Check out the updates on the Trials and Muni page