NAUCC 2005 Workshop Schedule and Cedar Point trip

NAUCC 2005 (that’s the 2005 convention put on by the USA) will be at the end of July in Bowling Green, Ohio. Web site:

Host Jan Layne as asked me to coordinate the workshops. We haven’t done much with workshops at the last few conventions, and it’s time to fix that. So what we need are workshop leaders, and requests for workshops! We need to know what kind of workshops people will attend, and what topics they want. Also I will be using this forum to find people to do them.

The convention schedule currently lists workshops on the first two days of the convention (July 26-27). But this is a tentative schedule and they may spread out as more detail gets added to this schedule. I will also be in touch with Jan Layne on what types of spaces we have to work with.

Workshops can be more than simple dry classes on how to change your cranks or learn the kick-up. They can also be games, demonstrations, show-and-tell sessions, or whatever you want them to be.

That being the case, I will also invite Darren Bedford to be part of what I hope to be a really good collection of workshops. I’m sure he’ll have some great ideas!

Now what about you? Come on down and show what you know! Contact me at the email address below.

Cedar Point Trip:
Cedar Point is the world’s greatest amusement park. If you like amusement parks with top rides and all the trimmings, you should make time on your NAUCC trip to go there. To help people out, I will provide information for those interested in going, and invite all unicyclists to the park on Monday, August 2nd. This is a great day to visit the park, as weekends are much more crowded. Also it is the day after the MUni events, which are actually on the way toward Cedar Point from Bowling Green!

What makes Cedar Point so great? They are consistently rated the top amusement park in the country by various industry lists. They have the most roller coasters, or an equal number, of any other park. They have held the record for the tallest roller coaster not one, but four times! Ther tallest is about 420’ tall, and goes 120 mph. Compare that to your local park!

Cedar Point is not just a ride park either. It has all the other ingredients to make an amusement park a great experience for every member of the family. Lots of games, shows, a water park, a beach, a marina, and much more.

Jacquie and I will be staying at the Breakers Hotel (right outside the park) on July 31 and August 1. Our favorite roller coaster, Millenium Force, is at Cedar Point. We’re members of ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) so we’ve ridden a lot of them! You shouldn’t miss it.

If there is a serious interest, it might be possible to arrange group tickets, but I was not planning this. Rather just getting together with other amusement park enthusiasts on August 2.

Sorry to include both of these topics in one post, but it will help keep the information together for me, as well as keep both topics on the same page in the forum listings.

Contact me if you have any questions about Cedar Point that you can’t find out from their web site.

I’d like to see a workshop on Mounts.

Something that would cover Rolling mounts especially. I would love to learn how to mount the Coker with some momentum. Especially when I am out of go juice.

Other mounts Kick up, side etc…

Would love to go to the park, and I may have to sneak away from the convention to do it, since I have to be back to work on Monday the 2nd.

I was at cedar point in 2000. Injured my shoulder in that highest one they have. After 5 years now it became some better, but even today I feel it when making many side-rides or sideways ww’s. So no trip for me.

Sorry about that Leo. Was that on the Millenium Force roller coaster, or on the “drop tower” thingie? Must have been the drop tower because Millenium Force doesn’t have anything over your shoulders.

For Bugman, if a mounting workshop doesn’t transpire, just talk to me and others and we’ll get you going. If you bring your Coker I can walk you through it. In the meantime, remember the wheel doesn’t need to be rolling when you jump on. The momentum stays in you until you get up there, then you bring the wheel with you.

It was the Millenium. The machine was’nt to blame. It was caused by my fear which was stronger than my muscles were attached to the bone. Or I made some damage to the upper-arm bone over it’s length. That’s still a mystery. It happened when I pushed myself too tight in my seat. After I got out I knew I had to take it slow for a week. That became longer than expected.
I have to admit that I have an enormous height-fever, but well, some things you have to experience. And as they say, better regret things you have done, than regret thing you have’nt, I gave it a go, and now regret it. But okay, after all, the park is worth a visit if you have’nt been there. Just be carefull. You’re rather be a sissy than have to unicycle around with pain for years.

Also I had my first ever ride in a wooden rollercoaster (as I never went to that one in Blackpool), that was very nice!

You must have been on the Blue Streak, not their bigger, nastier Mean Streak. I have a roller coaster pain story for that one, where I learned a lesson similar to yours.

It’s a very large, very fast coaster. I think it was the fastest woodie when it opened in the early 90s. The first time I rode it I pressed my feet against the front of the floor area, whch pressed my back into the seat. As the ride roared through the G-forces and vibrations, my back was really hurting. I was worried I’d be injured! Afterward I realized it was probably because I was pressing myself against the front and back of my seat area.

Stupidly, I rode it again the next day (it had been at night, and I wanted to take some coaster-cam pictures). The second time, I just kept my feet flat on the floor and stayed relaxed throughout the ride. I felt fine the whole time!

Okay, end roller coaster owie discussion and back to workshops and Cedar Point trip!

I think that I might make it up for the NAUCC and cedar point trip. If I can get off work I am definitely going to try and make it up there, sounds like a lot of fun!

I’d love to attend workshops on riding with the seat out and riding backwards.


do you really have 15 unicycles? I want a photo.

Since you asked…

They live in their own little corner of the basement. I think we are actually up to 16 since the one in the front of the pile is new. The 8 footer is in the shed and one of my 20’s is loaned out.

I’ve never attached a picture before, this may not work.

I was right, it didn’t work.

How do you get a picture to appear in the post?

you should try a chiropractor. They help after roller coasters especially wooden.

Next year I want to make it to this NAUCC thingy, do a lot of kids go?


Like this!

I just put the address were the photo resides in the box that pops up when you click on the IMG button above the area were you write the text for your post.

Thanks, bugman!
Maybe I should ask for a work shop on how to store unicycles. What a mess!

I’ve gotten pretty good at that over the years, having hung them originally in my parents’ basement, and then stored them in nine successive garages, basements and sheds since then! My uni count is 30-something…

My grandmother used to utter this phrase to express awe or disbelief, but I don’t know how to spell it. It was something like: gee-maa-netly. It means simply: “wow”.

Don’t clean it up. That’s a classy mess.


I would attend a workshop on juggling for beginners (i.e., non-jugglers).

It’s one of those things where I need a push to get started.

Workshops update:

I am assembling a workshop/demonstration list on my web site here:

It’s not much to look at yet, but in a week or so I will break it out into a schedule and add more information. This may also be the place to go to see more details about the planned Bedford evening events. A Renegade-style show (or two) the premiere of Dan Heaton’s next big video, flaming puck hockey and much more.

If you have workshop requests or would like to host one, please let me know through my email address so I can get your requests listed. I’ll be out of town until July 3 or so, so be patient.

Cedar Point
We’re still going, but not many people have inquired about it. If you like big rides, don’t miss this opportunity!

Hi John,

When is the registration deadline? I may be moving to that part of the country and be able to attend the conference! I won’t know until the second week in July or so.

If I attend, I’d like a workshop on tight turns and spinning. There have been quite a few posts on that lately!