NAUCC 2005 registration form and preliminary schedule are now available


The registration form and a preliminary schedule for the 2005 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention (NAUCC) are now available. You may download copies at:

I am going to have to start training.

I have already sent in my registration form and payment for the 2005 NAUCC.

Do the organizers a favor and send yours in right away too. Early registration info helps in many ways.

I have booked 7 hotel rooms for the Toronto unicyclists attending so far.

It will be a great meet. Jan has been the host of many other unicycle USA meets in the past.
(NUM, NUC, NAUCC, mini-meets)

Make sure you mark your calender and plan on attending. You will be glad you did !

See you there,

Arrgh! Marked my calender, but unfortunately I won’t see you there this year :(…I’m scheduled to be performing in Lima, Peru the 22-31st…ya’ll have fun and have a great uni meet…Get those registrations in early, you won’t regret it! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with some of you at a MUni weekend somewhere.

My chances of medaling just improved by one.:wink: Sorry you won’t make it. I am sure I’ll see you here in ATL some time during the year. Give us some advance notice we may be able to get you some extra performances.

hey dustin,
are you going to MOAB by any chance?

Yes, the sooner the better. It helps the organizers track how many people are coming, and most importantly, puts some money into the bank so they can pay the convention’s bills. Many of the facilities and materials need to be paid up front!

Which hotel? Time for the non-dorm people to start grouping up. I don’t want to miss any flaming hockey this time…


I booked at the Quality Inn right across from the
Track. Quality Inn’s have been nice in the past.
It was the cheapest, closest and HAS a pool.
(Re: Jan - as the original listing said no pool)

I will actually check out the place in a couple months when I am scouting out a venue for some Bedford events.

There will be lots of other things besides
Flaming Puck hockey !!!

Looking forward to seeing you again.


To bad about the timing but a living usually comes first. :slight_smile:


Send me a e-mail ! darren at
bedfordunicycles dot ca

Ryan, Jeff, Carl, Sara, Pete, Maggie, and many more booked at Quality Inn so far.

Can’t wait !

I wish i could go,but it was ethier that,or moab.and moab is closer.

The registration form has the following item listed:

Is this fee optional?


I don’t know the answer to the question about the $15 per family insurance fee. I posted the form and the preliminary schedule as a courtesy to the organizers. Have you tried contacting the person listed on the bottom of the third page of the registration form? I’m not sure that she monitors this forum.

I’m in WOW and at practice tonight i asked Mrs Layne and she sayed that the $15 fee is not mandatory but we need it really baddly. We really need the money if you can afford to pay it.

sorry but i misunderstood it and that $15 fee is mandatory. sorry

In addition to watching unicyclists of superior skill perform , what else might an over-38<cough> level-1 noob with a Sun 20" find interesting to do? (yes, i looked at the program)

What are the workshops? Are there unicycles or unicycle things to buy? T-shirts, at least, right? :slight_smile:

hmmm…unicycling vs. RAGBRAI… hmmmm…


When I went to the 2003 NAUCC, I had only been riding 2 months. I was not much more than a level one. I actually got a 4th place ribbon in an event. So don’t sell yourself short. You may find something that you can compete in.

There are team games… Basketball, Hockey and more. You get to see 2 of the best Uni vendors and a butt load of cool stuf they carry in person. You get to meet great people from this board, who obviously have a common interest.

I wish I hadn’t missed last year, but I did. I scheduled the time off, and if I have to ride my Uni from Atlanta to be there, I plan on being there.

Go you won’t regret it. If you want to see GSN’s coverage of NAUCC 2004 on thier show Games Across America, let me know. I can help you out.

Just another heads up on this. I am going toregister this week.

Does anyone know when the website will be updated with 2005 Info? It still has all 2004 Info other than the first page.


I posted all of the information that I had received from the organizers of NAUCC 2005 on the old NAUCC 2004 site. I did this only as a stop gap for USA, Inc. members until an, “official,” NAUCC 2005 site could be created by the organizers.

Since I’m no longer the President of the USA, Inc. I’m not in the loop for NAUCC 2005 information. Therefore, my old NAUCC 2004 site hasn’t been updated.

I suggest contacting the NAUCC 2005 organizers directly for information using the contact directions on the posted registration form.

Tom Daniels

Jan Layne has just given out the date for the annual Ohio Unicycle Fun Meet that she hosts.

It will be on Saturday June 4th in Ohio.

For more info on this meet or the NAUCC in July
contact her directly at
jlayne1 @ juno . com

I will be in Ohio in a couple weeks scouting out
a venue for an evening (or two, or three) of fun Bedford events that will happen at this years NAUCC.
I will be double checking the hotel too.

Looking forward to both meets !


Thanks Tom, I will see what additional info is currently available.


There is a preliminary schedule as well as the registration form.
A few corrections to the info that I found:
The Quality Inn DOES have a pool
The Muni stuff on Sunday will take place at White STAR Park in Ohio.

See you there,