NAUCC 2005 Level Testing

Hi everyone. I just have a few questions about NAUCC 2005. I looked through the site and didnt find what i was looking for. Mainly my questions are about level testing. Here they are:

  1. Do i have to be a member of the USA to level test at NAUCC 2005?

2)Do i have to register to take a level test?

  1. Is level testing going to be taken place on everyday of the convention? (I might only beable to make wednesday and thrusday)

I am pretty sure the answer to the first two questions are yes.

You do not have to be a member of the USA to level test - BUT you do have to be a member to be an official USA level and to receive patches.

You don’t have to register to level test. There are a few people who can level test. Carol McLean would be one of the best people to contact for this. If she isn’t available, I can help connect you to someone who can test.

Of course, if you competing at all at NAUCC, you have to be a member of the USA, so that would take care of your first question/problem!

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who are all the level testers?

Thanks for the info on the first two questions. I am going to join the USA very soon. But does anyone know the answer about my 3rd one?

3)Is level testing going to be taken place on everday of the convention or just certain days?

It can be arranged for you to test on the days you’re there. I’m sure there will be a formal workshop for people to test, but people are flexible and will work with your schedule.

I don’t know when the official test times are at this point.
John Foss is scheduling workshops.


When you say arranged do you mean arrange ahead of time?

Level testing can be done at anytime if you find a level tester that isn’t busy, so when you are there and ready to test, ask around, and you can probably be directed to someone that can test you.

Do you know if the level testing will be done inside (like in gym) or outside in the street?

Most likely during the days of freestyle we can do level testing in a gym, so july 26-28. The other days of the convention may be outside. It depends on what is available.

Is there a list of level testers? :thinking:

You can find the list of all the USA Certified Skill Testers here:

Hope this helps!


Thanks :slight_smile:

I was looking at this site about the new skill levels. It said that riders were field testing the new skill levels now. Will the new or old skill levels be used NAUCC 2005? Or both? This website also mentions the new USA, Inc. Unicycling Handbook that explains more in depth about the new levels. Is this new handbook on the internet yet? If so i would like to see it. If anyone has a link to the new handbook please post it. Thanks.

There are more USA certified Skill Level testers than what is listed on Carol’s website. TCUC has a few Skill Level testers who go through a much more detailed workshop than what is required by the USA. We’ll have quite a few of these people at NAUCC (see me or Ryan Woessner).

The difference between a TCUC-certified and a USA-certified skill level tester:
To become a USA-certified tester, all you have to do is sign a paper saying you’ll follow the rules.
To become a TCUC-certified tester, a workshop must be attended where the future testers go through the details of what is required for each level. There are some skills that aren’t obvious (example: front spin and back spin) and some rules that aren’t clear unless the rulebook is studied (rider must ride three revolutions after each skill). TCUC also only allows certification for one year, so workshops need to be attended yearly to remind the testers of the rules. After the workshop, then the level tester signs the paper saying they’ll follow the rules.

You might say that TCUC is very demanding when it comes to Skill Level testing… and I’d agree!


I am bringing back this old post because its not worth it to make a new one. I have some quick questions about registering for NAUCC 2005. I realize its to late to register to be a competitor, unless i pay $100 on-site. I was looking on the regestration form and it says you can register as a non-competitor for $30. Does this mean you can register on-site as a non-competitor for $30 instead of $100 (if youre not competing). Also is on-site regestration only on tuesday July 26?