NAUCC 2005 Highlights

NAUCC 2005 is now history.

A very successful event, with many people deserving a huge round of applause for their efforts in making it happen.

Of course the Laynes, the Wood One Wheelers, and the people from Redford Township worked like mad. It takes an amazing amount of effort to host nationals, and they came through with flying colors.

Many others also bring their special talents to NAUCC – sometimes in a hearse. Darren Bedford and the Canadian crew provided everyone with fun events, including the crazy flaming puck hockey, the awesome Defect premier, and even coloring contests for kids of all ages. The door-decorating contest was a big hit, too.

Our Uni dot com folks also add a lot to the event, dragging along a truckload of equipment. They’re always willing to answer requests for tires, cranks, pedals, seatposts (etc. etc.). Amy and John Drummond are definitely a highlight.

There are of course many others. Feel free to hop in and add to the list.

For me personally, the event was a huge success! I met so many terrific people – Bill, Cassie, Nick, Chris, Chad, Jodie, Emily, Sarah, Jeffrey, Kaori, Zack, Jeff, a whole bunch more, and Eddie who talks funny.

I got to see and hang out with riders and friends that I’ve met over the last few years – Scott & Jody, Alan, John & Jacquie, Marti and crew, Carol & Tom, Kathy, Wendy, Marcus, David, and many more. It’s better than a family reunion, because we all share a common interest.

No one can say we don’t have a wide range of events at NAUCC. With everything from hockey, basketball, racing, muni, and trials to artistic individual, pairs, clubs, groups, parade and more, it’s just about impossible not to find your niche in the uni community.

And so a well-deserved thanks to all who made this event so successful. Please feel free to add some of your NAUCC 2005 stories and highlights to the list.


P. S. If you weren’t there this year, we missed you. We plan to descend on Memphis next summer, so plan ahead!

Highlights for me…

Getting more invovled in the NAUCC. Actually competing in track events.

Getting more invovled in the USA (Unicycling Society of America)
I ran for Director. I thought I would be the only one, but went up against like 8 people, apparently the most ever. I just think it’s cool that more people are interested in taking an active role in the US of A. I expect there will some big changes over the next year, and look forward to the next NAUCC in Memphis. I did get recrutted for the Editorial Staff. There are a bunch of us working under Director Tepper, so it isn’t all on one persons shoulders. Look for some great articles in future issues of On One Wheel. Also expect, 4 issues a year as well as quicker distribution.

I enjoyed seeing the possible change in the Level testing. I tested under the new system and was very pleased with the process. I look forward to using it in the club as we grow. The best part is it will include skills currently not tested. So if you are interested in other aspects of unicycling, you will have the opportunity to measure your progress in very much the same way freestyle unicyclists currently measure their progress. The current level system was developed before there was Muni, Trials, Street etc… It makes sense to me that as unicycling has changed, the way we measure a unicyclists progress would change. Carol Mclean and her daughter Kelsy(sp?) were working hard all week to expose people to the system, and training testers. It seemed to go well.

Oh yea, If I was Carol, my highlight would have been winning every event I entered. Of course I’m not Carol, and didn’t win every event. But Carol did. :smiley:

Working with Zach and Jeff as they worked toward breaking and setting World Records in their respective specialties. I got some great shots, and will post later. There were many others who did as well, look forward to seeing the pictures.

Playing Uni Sumo with all the guys that showed up for the workshop. Getting beat by Sawyer Drummond who is 1/3 my age and 1/4 my weight. Most every time! :smiley:

The Bedford Experience and all that entailed. It was fun for me and my Daughter.

Seeing my wife ride 30 feet, and my daughter Emily make a bunch of new friends.

Hey, Bugman!

Well, I didn’t win every event. Jody A. scored a big success on the slowboards, which I fell off of each time. (Surprising how difficult that event is when it looks deceivingly simple to some of us.)

Skill testing was excellent! Rough count was about 150 new skill tests passed by about 27 riders. I’m in the process of updating the field test web site for all those who said they wanted to be listed.

We also trained several new skills testers. Special thanks to my daughter, Kelsey, and to Eddie K. and Bill Hamilton & his crew for helping out so much. I’ll post the updated list of skill testers soon.

I know there were some riders who wanted to take tests, but we ran out of opportunities with all the other events happening. I apologize to those we missed, especially on the last day when I realized we had to leave sooner than I thought. Please contact me, and we’ll arrange a way to get you tested.

The input on the new skills system was terrific. And we’re excited to get some new testers from other areas of the country, including Florida.

Right now, we have some of the best trials riders around taking a look at the new Technical levels, and I hope we can post a version of that for field testing soon. It will be a way for new riders to focus on the basic skills they’ll need for that style of riding and will allow trials riders to compare their skill level with others.

There’s lots to be done yet, so stay tuned and feel free to offer suggestions. I’ll post more later about the new skills system for riders who didn’t attend the workshops at NAUCC.

email: unicyclecentral at hotmail dot com



Re: NAUCC 2005 Highlights

Make brownies and they will come.

Re: Re: NAUCC 2005 Highlights

If I make brownies, will YOU come?

NAUCC was great! My first one and it won’t be my last. Memphis, here I come. With or without brownies. My wife will certainlyu be tempted with the brownies. :slight_smile:


I wonder if we could make the world’s biggest brownie in Memphis. Would be fun.

Chris, good to see you back on the forums again.

Since we were unable to attend NAUCC, we’re looking forward to all the picture postings.


Holy hang glider, Batman! Rhysling! Great to hear from you!

YES! I can’t wait to see everybody in Memphis next year!


Hey Tommy, congrats on becoming Vice President for USA. From what I saw at NAUCC this year, there seems to be more interest in MUNI and trials related skills and involvement. I think your interest and involvement in these areas will be good for USA.


Tommy, where in Memphis will you be holding the event?

Jethro (former Memphian)

I took some pictures at NAUCC, mostly of the parade, some track, and some trials. I dont have a gallery to upload them in though.

As you may know, hosting the NAUCC is a little like hosting the Olympics. There are several venues involved and most of which have not been nailed-down (yet) due to the dates still being up in the air. I hope to have the venues and the dates firm by mid-September. It all hinges on the availability of gyms and track. I would love to have the track events at night under the lights and trials indoor (in the a/c). As it stands, the marathon (10K) will be held in Overton Park beneath 150 year-old, old growth forest. The MUni will be all in the forest, as well, at Stanky Creek Trails, Bartlett, TN (a suburban community to Memphis). I was hoping to have a parade competition at one of our local 4th of July parades but it looks like that will not be very likely because so many folks want to ride their hometown parades on that weekend. It is all still in the planning and organization stages.


Racism in unicycling?

Because someone isn’t a citizen of our country they can’t take a place in a tournament? It seems a little rigged that Amy took first in my opinion. Kaori is a unicyclist just like anyone else, she deserves to have the chance to place in a tournament… You do know that americans can compete in Japan UNICON and place, dont you? Kaori Deserved 1st place. You would have caught me swearing at you from the crowed carol. You didn’t even mention Kaori in your posts earlier, its a shame you have to be cruel like that to another unicyclist.

It’s the NORTH AMERICAN Unicycling Championships and Convention, so you have to be from North America to compete. UNICON is a world competition (which just happened to be in Japan last year), so anyone can compete. As far as I know, Americans don’t compete in the yearly Japanese Unicycling Championships.

jsm said it all… that’s exactly what i was going to write

Response to Äusserst_einrad

Ditto JSM

This is the international’s site:

NAUCC is run and put together by the The Unicycling Society of America … This is their Home Page:

From the Rule Book:

1.23 ELIGIBILITY: All attendees must be current (paid up) USA members to register. Registrations must be
completed, signed, and fully paid before the rider can participate in any events. Attendees must be citizens or legal
residents of the United States of America or Canada to register as competitors. Persons not eligible to register as
competitors are welcome to register as non-competitors.
1.23.1 PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY: Citizenship or residence may be established with a passport or drivers license. If a
rider is transitioning into the US or Canada, a current passport, visa and/or work permit must be used to establish
eligibility. Riders on extended vacation, exchange students, and other temporary residents of the United States of
America or Canada are not eligible to compete.

Carol McLean is one of many individuals that have spent years promoting unicycling nationally and internationally. You have a right to your opinion, but I personally find your comments about her unwarranted and offensive.

I can only hope that you do some research next time before commenting about an organization or an individual.

I second that Scorpio and everyone else who’s commented on Äusserst_einrad’s response.

Äusserst_einrad see these post’s on more about Koari:

My biggest problem with the event is that she was not listed in this thread as taking a place or competing, she deserves recognition for 10 years of practice. I don’t believe many of you on this thread have practiced long and hard to be as good at unicycling as she is. If you reached her level of performance and got shot down like she did, you would probably understand. She didn’t come from Japan just to compete in the NAUCC she moved here and then competed, she is living in the US, and that should be good enough. BTW Zack baldwin took first in Japan for TRIALS if that answers ur question about americans competing in UNICON. Some of you need to look at the bigger picture, it is racism to vote out any other person because they werent born or havent been living here for 7 years. A unicyclist is a unicyclist no matter where they live and they should be able to compete wherever they go. I want to know why we are the only country that limits our unicycling tournament to our own country. Toque Canada allows anyone, and the UNICON allows anyone. Racism will always be a problem in the US, but lets not make it in unicycling too.

The rule prohibiting non-North American competitors at the North American Unicycling Championships and Convention came into being in 2002 because of requirements placed on the event by the insurance underwriter. To suggest any other motives is inaccurate and irresponsible.