NAUCC 2004 results are now posted


Results from the 2004 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention are now posted on the NAUCC 2004 Web site:

Final registration numbers were 133 competitors and about 55 non-competitors. Huge thanks to the following USA, Inc. members who stepped up to the plate and volunteered to organize this event:

Event Director - Carol Bricker
Racing - Marcus Sternberg and Wendy Gryzch
Artistic - Connie Cotter
MUni - Rolf Thompson
Hockey - Andy Cotter
Basketbal - Andrew Wrobel
Workshops and Games - Carol McLean
Registration and Finances - Karen Rabideau

Special thanks also go out to two groups of non-members:

  • Tony Grant and the staff of the Xanadu Skating Center for hosting our Hockey Tournament at the last minute in an indoor, air conditioned, regulation size rink.

  • Howard Peterson and the staff of Soldier Hollow for hosting the 10K road race, 5K MUni trail race, observed trials and the awards dinner. We received treatment that is usually reserved for Olympians from this 2002 Olympic Winter Games venue!

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.

Let’s not forget to thank…

Tom Daniels - who risked dehydration, sunburn and lightning strike out on the Highland High School track.

If I am not mistaken Tom was the starter for every track race.

Thank you Tom (and everyone else).