NAUCC 2004 MUni, road race events to be held at 2002 Olympic Winter Games venue


Soldier Hollow has been selected as the venue for MUni events at the 2004 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention (NAUCC 2004) on Sunday, July 18.

Soldier Hollow was the venue for cross-country skiing and biathlon events during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. It is located at 2002 Olympic Drive in Midway, Utah. Soldier Hollow is about 20 minutes south of Park City; is about a one-hour drive from the Salt Lake City area.

Due to the lack of suitable large hills at Soldier Hollow, the planned MUni downhill event on Sunday, July 18 has been cancelled.

A 10k race utilizing paved trails at Soldier Hollow has been added to the preliminary schedule on Sunday, July 18.

In order to minimize driving times and to take advantage of superior facilities, the location of the closing dinner and awards ceremony on Sunday, July 18 has been moved to Soldier Hollow.

The NAUCC 2004 Web site has been updated with the above information. Please visit for links to the Soldier Hollow Web site that include maps and driving directions.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.

Re: NAUCC 2004 MUni, road race events to be held at 2002 Olympic Winter Games venue

Why not consider places such as the following, which appear to be very promising for some really great Muni trails, and all seem to be just close enough to Salt Lake City?



We have exhausted other possibilities for MUni venues that would have accomodated a downhill event. Rolf Thompson and Carol Bricker have been searching for suitable MUni venues since January.

We were turned down by every ski resort in the greater SLC area. The ski resorts make money in the summer running mountain biking centers. The unfortunate truth is that our event is currently too small for them to consider closing all or part of their facilities to the general public for a day (especially a Sunday).

The Forrest Service was very reluctant to let us schedule events on land they control. They control all of the non-private land in the greater SLC area. They said that their reluctance was due to perceived overuse of the trail system by mountian bikers and hikers and the perceived potential damage we would cause to the ecosystem. They also told us that they will be conducting maintenance programs on many of the popular trails in the greater SLC area during the period when we will be running our event.

We are commited to holding the North American championship MUni events at Soldier Hollow. We are very appreciative for the warm reception we have received from the staff at Soldier Hollow and believe that our riders will be impressed by their facilities. The only thing they can’t offer us is any appreciable vertical drop.

Tom Daniels

Thanks Tom,
Wow, that’s too bad! It was the presence of all these great trails that was enticing me to come to Salt Lake. I suppose we could just show up and go on informal group rides on any of these established mountain bike trails though, on say, Friday or Saturday, if anyone is interested. (I’m not talking about the ski-lift variety, but rather any of the numerous big single track trails in the vicinity. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand the issues that you guys must be up against in getting clearance for an authorized event. However, I’m not going to take time off from work and spend a lot of money to fly to Utah to ride on a bunny slope :slight_smile:

Can anyone describe the Soldier Hollow terrain? No offense but it sounds like rolling cross country, which would be pretty boring for anyone interested in trials.

Are there lots of rocks, gaps, roots logs, and gnarly terrain? Are there any pictures? Is Rolf in charge of the trials competition? will there be a trials competition?

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not criticizing. I just need to know what the terrain is like before I commit time and money for the trip. :slight_smile:





The soldier Hollow facility was built to hold the cross-country skiing and biathlon events for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Most of the trails could best be described as you said: Rolling cross-country. The advanced trails are more steep and challenging. A map showing the trail system may be found on the Soldier Hollow Web site. This site is may be reached from links on the NAUCC 2004 Web site.

One of the problems we face as organizers of such a large event is that we can never please all of the people all of the time. When trying to find suitable venues for our MUni events, we have to consider the skill levels of the majority of our members. Nowhere was this more evident than at the 2002 North American championship event. The venue owners had established a spectacular downhill course full of steep single track, rocks, etc. The problem was that less than one percent of our potential riders would have been able to get down the course (never mind race).

As you can see on the NAUCC 2004 preliminary schedule, there will be MUni, “fun rides,” every day (except Sunday, July 18 during the MUni events) hosted by SLC-area riders. These, “fun rides,” have been extreemly popular for the past several years. They are generally aimed at the more hard core MUni riders and usually vist challenging trails.

I do not have pictures of Soldier Hollow in the warm weather (i.e., when it isn’t covered in snow). I plan to travel to SLC sometime in May to take pictures of Soldier Hollow and the other venues for posting on the NAUCC 2004 Web site.

The answers to your other questions (“Is Rolf in charge of the trials competition?” - yes, and, “Will there be a trials competition?” - yes) may be found on the NAUCC 2004 Web site.

Tom Daniels


Sounds great. Makes total sense. Thank you for your answers!


There’s a big difference between showing up and riding on a trail and asking permission in advance to hold a race there. That’s the problem, as I’m sure you’ve come to realize. For group rides, the ski resorts and other local trails will probably be wide open to our informal use. I hope to get out onto some of them.

Someday the California MUni Weekend will have to go a similar route with the trails we use. Right now we’re pushing the limits of what’s acceptable for “just showing up” with 60 or more riders…