NAUCC 2003 results on the USA Web site

Kevin Gilbertson has posted the NAUCC 2003 results at:

These results seem a somewhat incomplete. Or at least the MUni results. The Uphill and Cross country events are missing entirely, and the Trials results seem to be missing everything but the intermediate category.

I understand that it’s a lot of work getting these results online, but I hope they’re published eventually. Is there anything I’d be able to do to help?


The Uphill results are now on there:

I’ve sent an email off to Andy Cotter to try to get the rest of the corrections that you mentioned.

My miraculous finish in the ultimate wheel race is also missing. I finished the race without DQ’ing, honest.

I’ve been curious to find out if I came in dead last for people who didn’t DQ. Wouldn’t it be cool to be last in that race? :slight_smile:

All the MUni stuff should now be there now. The marathon open has also been added.

Can someone explain the Muni Uphill Competition? Was it a long graual off-road uphill, raced for time? Or was it a very steep hill that was raced to see who could climb the highest? Or am I totally wrong and just guessing wildly? --chirokid–

The uphill is an optional event, totally at the discretion of the event organizers. Every NAUCC uphill competition has been a little different, depending on the available course. The uphill is usually a very steep, relatively short climb. Riders attempt the climb individually. Times are taken. In the event a rider can not complete the entire climb, distances are also recorded. A number of riders usually complete the entire climb and the lowest times are used to award placings. In the event nobody completes the entire climb, the rider reaching the highest point on the course would be declared the winner.

If the course is considered to be tough, riders may be allowed to remount and continue. Other times, dismounts may not be allowed. Again, it depends on the course.

At NAUCC 2003, the uphill was conducted on a very steep grass covered hill in a park in Minneapolis. At NAUCC 2002 and NUC 1999, it took place on a more rugged, dirt / gravel / rock runnout area at a ski slope in the Washington Cascades.