NAUCC 2003 pictures

Yes, I don’t know what they’re called, but they are one-footed B.C. Wheels. They aren’t impossible either. The other guy in the picture is Bill Karbo. He saw Josue’s, went home, and was back less than 30 hours later with one of his own. And a big bruise on his leg from too many tries on it without enough padding!

Bill Karbo is an old-time member of TCUC, is formerly known as The Man of 1000 Tricks, and can be seen on my Things Not To Do page:

Also relevant to NAUCC 2003 is this one:
Though not the official NAUCC hotel this year, this was around the corner from the Super 8, and several unicyclists stayed there.

Thanks everyone for posting your pictures so fast. I’m a little slower, but mine will be coming…