NAUCC 2003 pictures

Im starting an album Here.

If you have pictures you’d like to add, or your like to see happen, or caption ideas, just shoot me a PM. For tonight, I have 18 pictures, or they are on thier way. Hopefully I’ll have more coming.

Edit: Yeah… I did post this before the pics are actually there.


Your wheelchair rocks!!! And wow, your hair grew back fast.

See ya Saturday… Mojoe

Max, thanks for the pics. And I’ll say for the rest of us, “Wish we were there!!!” --chirokid–

I’m bringing up an impossible wheel for people to try out. George Barnes just sent it to me to take to the NAUCC since he can’t make it up. It’s a lot like the Bedford IW’s but George has also made a set of long pegs that place your feet closer to the ground. I haven’t tried it out yet. I just got home from work and opened the package. Here’s some pics.


And the long pegs…


<go’s out to look for some flat steel and a drill bit>

Re: NAUCC 2003 pictures

Thanks Max! That was a nice three point dismount you did from one foot ww. Can we put that into John’s gallery of what not to do on a unicycle? :slight_smile:

Re: NAUCC 2003 pictures

Hi Max,

Your Fireball equiped wheelchair is awsome, many kudos for that move! Your new uni looks nice too but you said you weren’t going to be riding it for another 5 months and what did I see captured on video??? I saw Mad Max himself hot-dog’n a one footed wheel walk with a cast wrapped around one leg and smile wrapped around his face. :stuck_out_tongue: Good job for that too! Keep the photos coming, were all watching for them.


I’m letting Dustin barrow it, but I still had to be the first person to ride it. Which is just something I like to do when I get a new unicycle, and I hadnt tried a Uni at all for the last two months. The updating will continue, but not right now. Today I got stuck building a wheel for zach, which took all afternoon.

Wait tell you see Max’s wipe-out in the down-hill land-rush… a must see!


Dude… It’s up already. Check it out

I’ve got a bunch more video too, I just need to sort it out and compress it a bit.

Here’s what I got up for now. Keep checking back in the next couple days for more videos.


Max-Dude that was just nuts! I don’t understand how you could have hurt your foot in the first place. :roll_eyes: Of course I spent half a year of highschool in a full leg cast, so who am I to talk.:smiley:

Now that I am seeing names with faces in Mojoes gallery, I am remembering who was who much better. Info overload this weekend.

you dont say? I was wondering how it happened too. but im in the process of sorting some 400 pictures and making them a reasonable size. it’ll happen sometime in the next week hopefully.


Rather than make a new thread, I figured I’d use this one. I put up some shots from the 2003 NAUCC that I took. They come mostly from the Parade and from the Trials stuff. I am hosting them on my own site and I’ll probably leave them all up for a month. After that I may crop them down since there are like 45 MB of pics (they are the raw images). Later I may add some camera-phone pics that Chris and I took also.

By the way, it was nice meeting all of you. Everyone I met was very cool, and for the forum users I was able to meet, it was really fun putting faces to icons.



I threw up some camera phone pics here. They are low res but what the heck. Most come from Rhysling. A few come from me.


so the number of pictures in my album is in the process of jumping from 20 to 135. and I did compress the new pictures for our dialup friends.

did I mention ill get around to captioning all of them, eventually.

Awesome. Thanks to Max and everyone else for putting up their pics so that the rest of us non-attendees can sit at home and drool gently into our keyboards…

Question about your photo entitled, “Josue and - stupid short memory”: are those things impossible wheels with frames and…leg straps? Or do I have this wrong?


one side has a peg, and the other has a lowered leg and a leg brace (steel), and a frame over the top.

Yeah, it’s too bad that guy steps in front of the camera at the critical moment. I think we need a Zapruder-style frame by frame analysis to get to root cause of the endo.

So Max, maybe you can answer the question that I’m sure all the moms of America have right now: “What was he thinking?” :smiley: