NAUCC 2003 Pics

I’ve put up some NAUCC pics at . These are nested in the UniBrier galleries.

So far I have done two galleries. My pics are sporatic, the more involved I was in an activity the less likely I was to take pics.

A lot of the flaming puck hockey pics were flash then extended exposure to get the idea of the flaming ball. That is why there is blur and ghosts.

The 10K pics were at the finish, many are of personal interest (my kid).

I accidentally deleted all of yesteday’s pics so I am going to make backup copies before upload any of the the rest.

I’ll post again after I sort and upload out of the remaining 500 or so I still need to go through.


Dang, no pictures of me in my Flag with flames jersey. I came in just after the lady in pic 099, and just before your daughters. I was really motivated by those young girls. The testosterone in me just couldn’t let little girls on 20/16 inch wheels beet me! But, I didn’t beat them by much, and the were probably ready to do it again when it was over and I was ready to die.:smiley:

Great pics UniBrier. How many people rode the 10K? Was it hilly? What were the fastest and slowest times, any idea? --chirokid–

Re: NAUCC 2003 Pics

Nice pictures, but where are the captions? For those of us who couldn’t make
it, it would be great to know who and what we’re looking at.


It’s going to take a bit to get them all up and captioned. I took over 800 pics so many will be bulk.

My high speed internet connection is from work and I have a six day office backlog I’m trying to dig out of sumultaneously to uploading pics.

Good news! I recovered my Monday pics from my camera’s CF card so they are lost no more!


I’m putting links to my web page (no captions sorry, its raw data) of my NAUCC pics, and some of Chris’ and my camera phone pics, in a few of the images threads.

Grab them if you want them.


That’s no lady. It’s me.

I think I got 5th place in my age category. It was a challenge for me. I’ve never done that race before.

There were a couple of hills, otherwise it was mostly flat.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you! Next year?


I have four more alums at

Monday Track

Opening Ceremonies

Thursday Muni

Thursday Afternoon and Evening

Some great Muni Trials on the old pickup, Ryan owns it.

More to come as time allows.

Re: NAUCC 2003 Pics

>I’ve put up some NAUCC pics at
> . These are nested in
>the UniBrier galleries.

Thanks for the pics! I especially liked the marathon pics of Charles
dribbling his basketball through the finish line, track coasting, and
the muni riding over that old pickup truck cab.

Steve: We had some fun on the official muni cross country route passing
each other! Hope to see you at the next convention.


Ken Fuchs <>

Thanks for posting the pics! Mine will be along eventually, but I didn’t take as many. I got some good video of the unicycle bowling though.

First place time in the 10k was 25 minutes and change, by Elijah Parker from TCUC. He was followed two minutes later by Ryan Woessner, who was followed about 10 seconds later by me, and then David Stone. I managed to beat everyone except the fastest Norway riders!

He looks unassuming, but I can attest -he’s a fast old bugger.

From what I observed, Elija established his expansive lead on the first leg a short way into the ride; he already had it when he passed me at the jag by the pillar under the bridge (although how this is possible, I don’t know- it was only about 1/8th of the way into the race). I think he must have put a good sprint on early; I wonder if John and the rest of the front runners had done the same -and had something left in reserve- if they would have been able to keep pace. John’s return leg seemed fast enough, to me.

John seemed strong in every venue I saw him compete in (MUni, Track, etc). I think, even at his advanced years, if he weren’t burdened by stuff like a job and the like that he could be a contender.


Four more albums at

Open X
Expert FS
Geezer/Sem BB, BB Final, Hockey Final

I still need to put up Group Routines, Club Routines, Public Show, Expert Pairs, and some misc. shots. I am having troubles getting the Flaming Hockey and Open X vids to upload.

More later, enjoy.

I have the rest of my stills up and some of the vids at . The only vids missing are flaming puck hockey which I am having trouble uploading, may be the size.

Public Show. Be sure to check out the last pic.

Expert Pairs

Misc. Mostly pics after the public show.

I got Group Routines and Club Routines up last Friday after my prior post. Be sure to check out Tepper and the kids in his group routine starting at 513.

Sorry if I drive you crazy with volume. I have been uploading while working and haven’t had the time to edit and caption like I would have liked.

I’ll let you know if I get the flaming puck stuff up.


Awesome job , Steve! Thanks for posting these!


My pictures are up!

I got them done before leaving town on my next trip!

Yes, they’re still on Ofoto. It may be a hassle to view them, but it’s easy to upload them and also for anyone to order prints. As always, if you want a full-resolution copy of anything, please let me know.

I’ll get captions on there eventually. Notice the album starts with a documentation of how I pack three unicycles plus a bunch of other stuff into a single piece of luggage.