NAUCC 2002 Tuesday photos

I posted a bunch of photos from Tuesday 24 July 2002 at NAUCC. The album starts with a couple of shots of Tony Melton (New Zealand) using stone age tools on a crank. This is followed by three much-in-demand photos of Amy Drummond on a MUni (while John was hard at work). Then a set of the Tiger Mountain Trail MUni ride organized by John Childs and attended by the two Kiwis, Stone Man Tony Melton and astounding Peter Bier, Gerry the AMAZING downhiller from Houston, Max Dingeman our token TCUC entrant and high stress component tester, John Childs master cartographer and organizer, and myself huffing and puffing (and not blowing any houses in) at the end.

When we got back I had time to snap some shots of some of the 400 meter and 1500 meter events. I thought I had one of the Marsh sisters vying for second place in the 1500 meter up to what appeared to be Tonya inches ahead at the end. WAY cool race. I didn’t see it when editting.

Of particular interest was the men’s expert 1500 meter from which I photographed a point in all four laps. In the first lap, Little Nick has pulled away from Gilby and Jack Hughes early on. In the following laps, Nick continues to tear up the track and the other positions alter a bit. Ah, youth. And against the “seasoned” 16 year old Jack and Gilby who just recently stepped into his twenties.

Sorry, my edit time expired. I looked but couldn’t find the shot of the Marsh sisters’ photo finish in the 1500 meter.

Nick pulls away in lap 1 of the 1500 meter men’s experts, photo #54 in the album. He is by himself pretty much the rest of the way. Photos #55-60 are of the same race and as you can see no one is about to take it away from him. The photographs give no real indication of how fast he was making that 24" wheel go.

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