Naucc 09 big vid

hey guys this is the sick nasty fresh vid that top chef Will Riley just put out.


Oh word!? I love it! That was so awesome! I dont remember hugging the rail. I think it was because I just destroyed the boys like 5 seconds before that :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yea, that was epicly delicious.

I really enjoyed that video. I think that I would have had a great time there.

Really nice vid. All those great riders in one place, what else would you expect?


That was good.

Edit: Man, my back still hurts from that fall…

Cool! It looked really nice at NAUCC, I wish I was there. The vid was really good! I liked the Freestyle part, and all the others too:) But no Trials? I would really liked to see some of the trials line there.

Gaaaaaah. So many siiick riders.

WORD! best video yet!

Spencer’s and Matt’s flatland is epic smooth.
Hahah and I loved 7:29, “just stop already”.

my fav part on this video is pele schramm clips lol, this guy impress me so much. but everything on this video was good!! :stuck_out_tongue: good job forrest with 900!
edit: someone can tell me what the guy at the end say? im french and I dont understand xD I have faid for the must succeed?

I’m pretty sure he said “I have faith as a mustard seed”

Cody… Cody… Cody…

I love this video so much. Really shows how much fun we had at NAUCC:D

+1 lol :smiley:

its the best video i have ever seen in my life of naucc 09 lol

dude huge props to master chef will riley!!! :sunglasses:

He made everyone at naucc have a awesome time haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Best ever!

Can’t wait for NAUCC 10 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I need to do something cool next year so I can be in a video. haha

Awesome vid. Sorry i missed all the action. should put an epilepsy warning for the last part of that vid though, lots of bright, flashy lights. :slight_smile:

Ahaha yeah the flashes got annoying during that combo. But it was a boring combo haha, but still sick :wink:

I think he’s saying," I have faith in the mustard seed". Why Cody has faith in a mustard seed, i do not know.

This video really summed up how awesome NAUCC was this year. Will did a really great job at portraying the layed-back chilledness of the whole week. It was awesome meeting/riding with everyone. I really liked the group that was there. Pele did awesome in the street comp and is an awesome guy, Jon Atwell is an all around baller(spring break is gonna be tight!), Spencer kept the week going smooth with his leadership skillz, Pat and Eli were amazing riders with a ton of potential, Will Riley kept all of us laughing and did a great job riding, filming, and editing so quickly, Zach Wenner is a really great all around rider(street, trials, flat, muni), Kevin Kartchmoney amazed me with his guts with rails and other stuff. Oh and Max Schulze was jumping out the building as well as goin big in street.

You guys rock, and I appreciate yall and others for making this week really awesome.

You did pretty well yourself, Forrest.