"NAUCC '08" Presented by Uneed Films

Hey all,


A little late but here it is. After starting over and over I finally just had to finish it up rough around the edges or not.
If you were in this and I spelled your name wrong let me know. As well as if you were in it and you are not in the credits (which are located bellow the video).

Ugly Duckling
Jurassic 5
as well as whatever was playing during street runs.

*Note, for the Street finals Kelly’s run was not his final run but the one that gave him the better score… Judging was weird.

Ah finally. Thanks Sam, it’s looking good!

Every bit as good as I expected it to be.

The video won’t load for me on vimeo so I downloaded it but it’s way too high quality for my computer to handle so it plays at less than a frame a second. In future can you please upload files that are more compressed and not in mov format coz I just wasted 200mb of precious bandwidth :S. But is there a way I can compress the file I downloaded so I can watch it? Would converting it to another format help? Thanks

You could put it into windows movie maker and save it with lower quality

I’m converting it to mpg and converting it to a lower quality so I’ll see how that works out.

VERY nice. Love the hi-res - 1280x720 is the way to go. Nice music, nice editing. Thanks for posting!


Im sorry, do you want the 20mb horrible compression I made for utv that messed up? You can just wait until utv completes the flash version or wait until I have it up on youtube. It was 6 hours for 2 compressions and I am not putting my computer through that again right now.

However I will not compress the movie to anything other than .mov . I will have the HD version on utv replaced to to a 720x400 verison when I have time.

What I recommend if you cant wiat is try clicking the HD setting on vimeo to off. That should solve your problem. If not you need to download some new software.

O, I didn’t know UTV automatically made it flv after a while. I’m converting the vid now and it seems to be alright but if I had known I would’ve just waited for it on youtube. Also, I did turn HD on vimeo off but the video wouldn’t actually appear, it was just a white screen, and had been like that for 15 minutes.

Awesome, it was really fun to watch. Thanks for putting it together, Sam.
Go team Spencer!

Great video and cool that it is in that good Quality! You can download it as wmv, flash and mov at utv, just try those links:


So should I not worry about getting you the smaller res version? We had this talk before but somehow the compression I made for utv came out 20mb and well is pretty much unwatchable.
Thanks Olarf.

Sam, awesome vid. You’ve got skills. It was sweet hanging out with you at NAUCC. Hopefully I’ll se you again sometime.


yea the vid is awesome

Very enjoyable, thank you! Some awesome street runs there.

awww i miss all u guys :slight_smile: great vid sam. so stoked to hang out with eveyone again at naucc!