Naucc........ 07'?!?!?

Yes, I know it’s a little early. But hey you can never be to prepared, right?

Anyway my plans for going this year sort of fell through. But by this time next year I’ll have my liscense. So I was just wondering if anyone had any knowlegde on where it will be next year.

Many thanks.


I’ll let you know Saturday. It will be discussed at the general business meeting for the USA. Last year they mentioned Minn/St Paul, and at least two other places. One fool even mentioned Atlanta, but I doubt he will be that dumb two years in a row.

have it in southern california!!!

You volunteering? Cool I’ll let them know. I try to hit Cali about once every two years anyway.:smiley: You might want to talk to Tommy Thompson, AKA grandmaster2t on here before throwing your hat in. It is a huge undertaking.

have it in western canada or somewhere around there
and no im not volentering its just a sugestion

ooo ooo, minneapolis! connie can do it (again?), i know she can!(dont quote me on that) how bot a unicon here too!

I vote for Atlanta.

NAUCC 2006 got off the ground as scheduled at 3pm today.

Watch your back Richard.:wink: I’m not voting for Atlanta. I don’t think anyone from Atlanta would show.:o

why just have nationals??

what if we also did Tri-State Reigonals… there are so many ppl who can’t go because of shortage of money and time and all that stuff, but this would be so much better for everyone to meet unicyclists in thier general area (not so much for me (Texas) )

but I think we should have it in San Antonio because then i could drive there :slight_smile: and so could just about anyone else in Texas :slight_smile:

Definitely in Texas or Oklahoma haha, that would be awesome.


I think everyone wants it in their home state so they can attended. The trick is finding an area that hasn’t had the conference before but is in a place that allows people from all over to come. I think it would be cool to see a map that shows where all the previous NAUCC’s have been held.

I am given to understand that the NAUCC will be held around the last week of July, 2007 in eastern Michigan.

I can’t give you a map, but I can offer a list of all previous NUMs, NUCs and NAUCCs:

1971 New York, NY (October 2, 1971 - An invitational meet held in Central Park sponsored by the Stebler company

  • pre USA, Inc.)

1972 Pontiac, MI (“Unicycle Roundup,” sponsored by Bernie Crandall

  • pre USA, Inc.)

1973 Pontiac, MI
1974 Marion, OH
1975 Pontiac, MI
1976 Marion, OH
1977 Marion, OH
1978 Twin Cities, MN
1979 Findlay, OH
1980 Kokomo, MI
1981 Ann Arbor, MI
1982 Saint Paul, MN
1983 Syracuse, NY
1984 Findlay, OH
1985 Ypsilanti, MI
1986 Bowling Green, OH
1987 Saint Paul, MN
1988 Ypsilanti, MI
1989 Mobile, AL
1990 Findlay, OH
1991 Chariton, IA
1992 Saint Anthony, MN
1993 Adrian, MI
1994 Wahpeton, ND
1995 Bowling Green, OH
1996 Chariton, IA
1997 Saint Paul, MN
1998 Monrovia, CA
1999 North Bend, WA
2000 Adrian, MI
2001 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2002 Snoqualmie Valley, WA
2003 Minneapolis, MN
2004 Salt Lake City, UT
2005 Bowling Green, OH
2006 Memphis, TN

For our international fans, the UNICON sites:

1984 - UNICON I - Syracuse, New York, USA
1986 - UNICON II - Uniondale, New York, USA
1987 - UNICON III - Tokyo, Japan
1988 - UNICON IV - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
1991 - UNICON V - Hull, Quebec, Canada
1992 - UNICON VI - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
1994 - UNICON VII - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
1996 - UNICON VII - Surrey, United Kindom
1998 - UNICON IX - Bottrop, Germany
2000 - UNOCON X - Beijing, People’s Republic of China
2002 - UNICON 11 - North Bend, Washington, USA
2004 - UNICON XII - Tokyo, Japan
2006 - UNICON XIII - Langenthal, Switzerland

. . . current plans:

2008 - UNICON XIV - Denmark
2010 - UNICON XV - Darwin, NWT, Australia

For the benefit of the folks in the cheap seats, let me restate that the sites for both NAUCCs and UNICONs are dependent on the existance of strong, motivated, local organizing committees. If you think you would like to organize one (or, as we did, both - not recommended for the faint of heart!!!) of these events, please contact me or one of the other past organizers for advice before you think about formally approaching the USA, Inc. or the IUF, Inc.

Tom Daniels
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee
and Event Director
NAUCC 2002 and UNICON 11

who the friggen hell decided to have it in darwin, of all places in australia, like really?

oh well, i’ll go to the twenty ten UNICON XV in Darwin :smiley:

now to start a count down to unicon XV thread…

ps, what’s NWT? it’s just NT

theres been 9 in Ohio and 8 in Michigan, how about one in Connecticut? there’s plenty of riders and trails around here, among other things.

I also heard 2007 will be in Michigan and 2008 in South Dakota.

2007 in Michigan, I won’t host it, but I would have a better chance of going then!

would it be worth flying over from australia for?

They already have a host, so you are good to go. I am looking forward to both locations, rumor has it that Minneapolis is 2009 and Toronto for 2010. Again, I said rumor. These are definitely not set in stone. A lot of time between now and then.

They have a host?
So that means they know what city it is in right!
Where! When! We need details!
(sorry to be so demanding)