NAUCC 07 - Report


The 10k was held today. So were the muni event and the uphill/downhill rides. I only attended the 10k (and also the nearby water park!).

I heard that the affianced couple, Andy Cotter and Irene Genelin, came in 1st and 2nd in the muni. That’s cool – they’re both excellent riders – but they both said they were surprised by the 1-2 finish.

The 10k was excellent. The track was about a mile long and was NOT a flat oval, so it took some skills to negotiate certain curves and some stamina to make it up the hills (especially the curvy uphills near the finish – DANG, that was a tough finish!). Three of us rode gunis (Schlumpf 29"), and the other fast finishers were on Cokers with various crank sizes (one dude had 3 1/2" cranks – I couldn’t even mount his Coker, and I bet he was dying on the uphills!).

I got off to a great start and led for a minute, but then this young fellow Rob Something caught me on a straightaway and I never saw him again till he was standing at the finish line. Gilby (Kevin Gilbertson, that is) and Irene were with me for awhile, but they never caught up. The person who was on my tail on-and-off for the whole race was none other than the ageless Dave White (well, his actual age is 52, but he’s amazing). He has a guni, too, so 2nd place was a battle of the gunis for most of the time. Suddenly at the end of the final lap, out of nowhere comes Canadian Jeff Groves. He passed Dave and then took me on a curvy section where I almost went off the pavement. I take it back – I DID go off the pavement, but to my surprise, I didn’t go off my guni. I should note that Jeff didn’t cause me to do this by edging me over or anything – I just took the turn too fast while attempting to forestall the inevitable.

The finish was:

  1. FAST(22-23mins?)… Rob Something
  2. 25-ish… Jeff Groves
    (both on Cokers!)
  3. 25:25… Me
  4. Dave White
  5. Gilby
    (all three on Schlumpfs)
    6-8. Not sure of the order, but Irene, and John Foss were there

Great race, everyone!!! I now have respect for Jeff Groves’s riding. He’s fast in the short races and in the marathon, beating in both the 100m and the 10k. Watch out for Jeff!

Take care, everyone. Your reporter, signing off…

Wow! That does seem kinda slow. Was the race done on cokers, 24’s or 29ers, and what size cranks? Since 1,500 meters is about 400 feet shy of 1 mile, that would put Justin at just under a 5 minute mile. That’s still pretty fast for a 24" though. Congrats!

The equipment allowed for track racing at NAUCC is governed by Section 2.3 of the USA Official Competition Rulebook:

2.3 UNICYCLES FOR RACING*: Only standard unicycles may be used. A standard unicycle has only one wheel, is driven by crank arms directly attached to the axle, and is propelled only by human force. Riders may use any number of unicycles, as long as all fit within the applicable restrictions for events in which they are entered.

2.3.1 WHEEL SIZE: This is the maximum allowable tire diameter. Smaller sizes may be used. Some manufactured tires are marked with sizes larger than they actually are, but may be within the allowable size limit and vice versa.

For 24" wheels, the outside diameter of the tire may not be larger than 24.333" (61.8 cm).

For 20" wheels, the outside diameter of the tire may not be larger than 20.333" (51.6 cm).

For 16" wheels, the outside diameter of the tire may not be larger than 16.333" (41.5 cm).

If a tire is in question, or has no size marked by its manufacturer, its outside diameter must be accurately measured.

2.3.2 CRANK ARM LENGTH*: This is the minimum allowable length, measured from the center of the wheel axle to the center of the pedal axle. Longer sizes may be used.

For 24” wheels, crank arms may be no shorter than 5” (125mm).

For 20” and 16” wheels, crank arms may be no shorter than 4½” (114mm).

For 16” wheels, crank arms may be no shorter than 100 mm (4”).

just because i can… i’d like to say that the canadians have consistantly had the loudest cheering section of any grouping of people. and i would know because my throat is killing me after the amount of cheering and honking i’ve done over the past 4 days :slight_smile:

Hey guys. I’m at the hotel in Ann Arbor

Street results:

Spencer Hochberg-First
Jon Atwell-Second
Forrest Rackard (me)-Third
Brent Gerret-Fourth
Jeff Liechti-Fifth

I had a great time with everyone and can’t wait till next year.:slight_smile:


All in all it was a well-run competition. The only real complaints I heard were about the heat and not about anything that the host club did.

I know that the system could be improved upon. John Foss has some ideas. I look forward to discussing those here and seeing some of them implemented before the Black Hills NAUCC.

AS always, it was good to spend time with so many of you.

Yeh, go me and Kevin!!!

Just a few quick notes and corrections…
Full results will be posted on the USA website ( and possibly on the NAUCC website - but it will take about a week. Some results were incorrect (mostly racing) and I want to get the corrections done first. I also have to drive back to MN.

Street Rules: Initially developed by Jason Auld and used at BUC. Suggestions and discussion by the judges and then Kevin McMullin made an update which was used at FLUCK. I made some very small modifications for the rules that were used at NAUCC.

10k Unlimited: Winner was Rob Muellerleile from TCUC. Time of 24:22:67
Top riders:
24:22.67 277 Muellerleile, Rob
25:25.82 208 Groves, Jeff
25:25.90 027 Stone, David
25:39.00 033 White, Dave
26:31.00 300 Gilbertson, Kevin
26:34.45 109 Genelin, Irene

A note about rules and competitions - we will be making modifications to the USA Rulebook. Anybody interested? There are some qualifications to be on the rulebook, but we are looking for new input. Please email me - if you don’t have my email, then PM will work, but I don’t check very often.

Connie Cotter
USA President (Until Oct 1, 2007)

Forgot to say a few things:
Thanks to Wendy Grzych and her team of organizers for a great convention!

It was great meeting old friends and making new friends. Hope to see you at a convention again soon.


Showed up to my first NAUCC ad hoc for only a day–should’ve taken another day off work, and actually competed in trials on Tuesday, BUT, when I woke up Tuesday morning my body felt haggard. Literally everything seemed stiff and sore, and still does a little now.

It was worth it, though. I’ve never ridden amongst so many unicyclists (a ‘gang of unicyclists’ Darren tells me, as we’re riding in the parade) before. It was a great feeling not being alone. I jammed around on the trials course, met some really cool and talented people (pretty much everyone in the street comp). I fit right in, despite the age difference. Word on the street is that I could look as if I’m 15, 16, or no more than 18, even though I’m really 21.

The reports about it being hot are correct. I had about 1/2 a gallon of water for dinner.

Apparently Spencer’s uni tire is ‘like a walrus.’

I think now I’ll get my ass in gear, and prepare for UNICON next summer.


I’ve always called a large group of unicyclists a gaggle.
And the entire trip I think I ate about 500 calories in total (over 5 days) but drank about 3 bathtubs of water.

And I absoloutly <3’ed the fact that beginner trials riders were allowed to have a hand on the course because everything was off the ground.

Next year’s NAUCC:
July 5-10 in Rapid City, SD.
Organized by Shawn Hayford with help from the Rapid City YMCA.

The MUni and Trials will be incredible - they have great trails and those two things are what that club really loves to do.
The YMCA is where the artistic events will be held - I remember at least 2 gyms, possibly 3, within one building.


To anyone who’s interested… PICTURES!

This is why I shouldn’t be a photographer. I took over 200. I only liked 30… And I do apologize for missing out on attempting to take pictures of most people. I kind of hung out with only the Torontoians, the Bedford team and the Honkers pretty well the entire trip. Next time I promise to run around with my camera more!!

Oh, and if anyone can help me with names of people in the pics feel free.

I broke my KH frame at naucc. ill have pictures when i get back home.

jon A

So… still thinking about selling it? :wink:

Great photos! The couple in this photo is from TCUC, Ryan Woessner and Amy Shields.

The Memphis contingent had a great time. The weather made us feel right at home. :roll_eyes:

I understand someone took a great photo of Dave White flying over the finish line in the 50+ male, 400-meter race. Can someone post that photo? I would like to see it.

Congratulations to Wendy and her group for a great time. I am still in awe of the unicyclists who just keep going and going and going … We had six days of non-stop activities. I was tired all week. :slight_smile:

It was great to see so many people who came to Memphis last year.


I don’t have a photo but I have to say I was amazed and impressed with the number of 50+ riders. In the 40-49 groups I raced with there were usually two heats, but there were three heats in one of the 50+ races! And we’re not doddering old farts out there either, there are some fast racers in those groups! :smiley:

That was me, and I was only dying on the first lap on that hill, the second and onward I learned how to use the downhills as much to my advantage as possible.:smiley:

Oh, and I came off the pavement as well, on the turn where Nick Muellerleile was taking pictures, twice, once I had my picture taken at a distance of maybe 2 feet, and another time I yelled and he actually moved out of the way.

I believe I may have been 9th… or perhaps 10th, I know John wasn’t more than 2 people ahead of me

Thanks, Connie. Of course, having ridden the dang race, I can tell you that Jeff Groves finished quite a bit more than 8 tenths of a second ahead of me. I believe he was already at the water when I arrived! Well, maybe not, but our actual times weren’t that close. He prolly beat me by 2 or 3 seconds. [It’s tricky to time these events bc different volunteers time us individually, so there can be some human error in timing us.] I had guessed that Rob’s time was even better, but only bc he zoomed by me so effortlessly. Still, a minute is quite a difference!

Yeah, that was a hot day. And the track days were in the 90s, too, and fairly humid. I was surprised that no one ended up in the back of an ambulance. I could barely breathe for 36 hours following the 1500m race and felt as tho I’d inhaled a wet tissue.

The host club did an awesome job in everything that I participated in. Great job, RTUC!