No music, just the sounds of unicycling and nature.

Great video! I liked the idea of letting the natures sounds play instead of music. I found it was realxing.Great Job

Thanks a lot!

When I first saw it was just ambient sound with the comforting slaps of a solid land I was excited of how it would look. Nice tricks too the Trey kick flip was awsome! And as always I love how u take flat in the woods. I am a huge music fan though. Unless I am with friends I can hardly unicycle without music so in my opinion, I think it would have had a better impact on me with music. Ofcoarse people use that to make there tricks “feel” more solid with a good edit. your tricks are so smooth maybe you don’t need music. :stuck_out_tongue: that said another great unihopper vid always excited when u post a video. Great edit like always your learning curve is crazy! Keep it up.

Great video, personally prefer nature sounds to music. Also like the bits at the end, makes us feel better knowing it ain’t that easy.

great video, realy relaxing :slight_smile:

Nice chill video dude, I like it.:slight_smile:

Did I just see a full out kickflip and full outbackside from you?? >:O What in the world?!

Very nice video! It was good idea not to put any music there.

I always prefer the ambient sounds of the session instead of music. Unless it’s a major professional release, I think it’s unnecessary. When I was an avid skateboarder, I thought the same. I’d much rather hear the sounds of unicycling than over-dubbed music. The only reason I put music to my juggling/unicycling videos is that, I’m a musician and I write all of my own music. It’s just free advertising.

Sorry, I forgot something. Awesome video! Serious skills. Far beyond my capabilities. Much respect.

Thanks a lot everyone! This was a fun experiment that I will probably do again in the future.

It’s so nice to see your skills brought out of the garage. And I like that you’re experimenting and making your videos different.