Natural trials...

I found a great new spot for rock trials today and did some filming. There are some pictures up at .

This place is really nice. It’s a big council park area with piles of rocks here and there. There are heaps of really nice lines through the rocks, so I didn’t get to do them all today. The biggest drop there is about 6’ which I did today. It had a nice softish landing.

I really love natural trials. There are so many different sized surfaces and they’re all on odd angles…it’s great! It’s my favourite type of trials. Beaches are often great for natural trials on rocks like this. If you get a chance, have a go at it!


Me and my friend were gonna do some at Rottnest, but in the end didn’t end up doing it because it was a reasonable distance away and I had only been unicycling for a month and I was shocking at hopping.

Ive recently done some very fun trials riding across some piles of rocks at my local university. The odd angles and variety of diferent spots to choose on the surfaces make it a heap of fun. Only problem was that on my standard uni I was rolling my tire a LOT. Hmm, eagerly awaiting new trials uni :smiley: