Natural trials video - Mann River...

A couple of days ago I went for a short camping trip to Mann River. We arrived at the main camp site that everything goes to. It’s nice, lots of kangaroos and wallabies, nice water and rocks, but then we hiked one and a half hours up the river to this gorgeous spot that very few people know of. On the way I got so excited seeing all these amazing trials lines everywhere. The river is absolutely full of beatiful rocks and fallen logs…such a great variety of trials lines. I got there and rode some fun lines around where we were camping. There were some nice ones…really fun. The whole time I was worried about getting a flat tyre because I forgot a repair kit, so of course within less than an hour of riding I got a flat. :frowning: The hike back was agony. Some of those lines I missed out on riding were perfect - really fun looking and visually beatiful. I was going to film some really well framed shots there.

Anyway, here’s the little bit of riding I got done:


Such a beautiful spot… perhaps it was a blessing that the tube blew.

man i really wanna go to australia… sucks about the tire… nice riding for waht it lasted


WTF! That tube blowing was terrible. He could have conquered the outback, but he got stuck walking back to camp. (I know that part of Australia isn’t quite the outback, but it sounds more dramatic this way.)

hey andrew could you post a link or pm me a clip of your tyre faceplant that isnt div-x
ive wanted to watch tha t but i cant watch div-x stuff it freezes my computer


Thanks guys.

Yeah, but if it didn’t blow I’d have appreciated both the beautiful scenery and beautiful trials lines. :slight_smile:

Here you go - . :slight_smile:


oh dude, thats depressing!!
i love australia for all the bush and all of the random little trials lines u can find by just going up into the mountains or down some random track :slight_smile:

where abouts is that little place u were riding at then??
and by the way, do u think a KH20" Trials would be good to take for a few rides like that with it ? or isnt it the type of uni that would addapt to that kind of terrain??

Mann River is a little bit north of Grafton, I think.

I’ve never seen one in person, but the '05 KH20" uni looks fantastic. Any decent trials uni is fine for natural trials…and the KH is definitely a decent trials uni.


nice vid sir… just a bit too shirt… stupid tubes… haha

man nice gaps. smiles approvingly youre awesome with trials. ashame about the tyre.

Hey Andrew… I think you’re convincing me to buy a plane ticket… TO AUZZI-LAND!

wow… I love that place so much.

that suck that the tube is toast, but nice trials!

Also, so thats u in the faceplant clip? that was funny

Wow, what a perfectly ideal riding place. Great scenery and great…rocks!

Nice one Andrew, you still continue to make everyone else jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, i’ll have to watch it later at my moms house though.

What a great location… and nice riding too :wink:

It sure is. :slight_smile:

i see ur avator is based on that footage

hey, this is totally not working for me… weird.

i get a vid that’s totally white, with a tiny sound at the beginning

Great vid, But why do you get flat tires so often?

I have no idea why it’s not working. Have you tried downloading it and playing it in different players?

I have no idea…it’s not fair! I used to never get flat tyres. This one wasn’t even a pinch flat. I haven’t investigated it yet, but I guess it must have been some kind of thorn.