Natural trial comp this sunday!

Hey everyone

This Sunday (October 14th)I will be organizing a natural trials competition at Ashbridge’s Bay (Lakeshore East and Coxwell)in Toronto. The competition will begin around noon on Sunday. Since this comp is being organized as a last minute thing please don’t expect it to be really big like other events organized by the Toronto Unicyclists.

There will be no entry fee. So any one who shows up for the comp will only need to sign a waiver - if you are under 18 you’ll need a signature from your parent/guardian as well. If the weather is really bad then the event will be cancelled.

Here’s a map that shows where Ashbridge’s bay is located,-79.347982&spn=0.044951,0.107632&om=1

The Toronto Marathon will be taking place on the following roads in the downtown area:

Rosedale Valley Road.

Bayview Ave from Rosedale Valley Road to Front Street

Front Street from Bayview to Cherry Street

Lakeshore in the downtown area, from York St. to Cherry Street,

York Street/University Ave from Lakeshore to Queen’s Park.

Plus (away from downtown), many streets in the Yonge St./Avenue Road/Allen Expressway area as far north as Steeles.

It looks like Bloor Street/Danforth Avenue, the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway will be open.

Check it out on the Toronto Marathon web site at

Sorry this is such short notice. Hope to see some people there.


Awesome thanks Jeff, I heard there was also some stuff going on Saturday, and on the Michigan unicycle club’s website they said they are coming up for the flaming puck unicycle hockey tournament. What of this?

sounds cool, Is there a certin skill level you should be inorder to go in (cause trials isn’t exactly my area of expertese, neither is spelling;) ) I’ll try me hardest to get there.

I’m thinking he meant noon on Saturday as October 14th is the Saturday.
Jeff will there be anything on the Sunday morning? Also anyone who knows the area are there any motels/place to sleep/places to get food close by?

I hope he meant Saturday noon as I’d have to be leaving by Sunday afternoon.


sorry i messed up on the date. it will be on Sunday the 15th. hoprfully you’ll be able to find some way you can stay for the trials Victory. on sunday morning there will be a group ride near the trials location i don’t know what time it starts but it will end around noon. Darren is going to post some info about the rest of the uni weekend, so stay tuned.

as for skill levels there will be the usual begginer, intermedate and expert classes.


Awesome news Jeff! Thanks for organizing it. I’m sure Roman and I can help you set up if you want.

Here’s hoping for good weather!


Tony, i half-jokingly asked my sister if we could crash at her place. She livs in the UofT Scarborough dorms with 3 other people. For some reason, she said yes. So, if you want to save some cash and sleep on a floor/couch, you, Nathan, and i can sleep there. If not, i have a couple other friends there who i can ask. I’ll probably ask them anyway, just to see if their places will be more hospitable.

Thanks but I’m staying at my brother’s place, and if that falls through (which is pretty much impossible) my friend jeanne offered me a floor in new college res.

Sure that would be great… Thanks.

Alright, Tony, we’re on then.

When does the trials comp start and end?

Is there anyone going who would be passing through Guelph on their way? I could take the bus, but a ride would be much easier.


me and joel burgess are coming through that way, we can get ya.

it’s gonna cost you a large Timmy’s though :slight_smile:


The trials comp will start at noon on sunday. The end time will most likly be around 3.

well i guess i’ll see all you guys this weekend


See y’all tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

noo doot aboot it

hey I’m about 97% sure I’m coming!! see ya’s then

Ryan Get Me Footage!

Don’t worry, I’ll get lots :slight_smile:

That won’t help me, unless you’ll hook me up with it, haha. I need some goodies from Ryan for my video. I’m ryanless.

-Shaun Johanneson

so who won?
how long till we can see a video?

i know the comp isn’t even over yet, but i tought I might as well ask so we can all be informed of who is awesomeness today :slight_smile: