NATS Trials comp in Sequatchie, TN

If it could be set up to have unicycle trials in NATS comp in Sequatchie, TN on July 9th. Would anyone be interested? If we cna get enough people who think they could go then we will get it set up. Check out info at NATS

If you think you could make it respond and let me know. If you have any questions you can ask here or call me at the number is 1-800-864-2925 ask for Robby. I dont get in until 1pm so if you call before them just leave your number and i will call you back. Look forward to hearing from lots of you.

I’ll have to check the dates, and of course learn how to do trials.:smiley: Now if you do trails, I’m okay with that.:wink: What’s this 1pm stuff, must be nice.

1 Pm is nice. but i’m at school 8-12. So i’m not sure where i would rather be.

I got the ok today for the trials comp if we can get some people to confirm they will come. So if you want to come let me know. If we dont hear from anyone then we are not going to have it.