NATS Event at 7 Springs, PA

Hello all trials riders.

There is going to be another North American Trials Comp on the east Coast on July 31st. I talked to one of the event orginizers today and there was some potenital problems brought up about insurence covering unicyclist.

I plan on calling the event orginizers to make sure that we get the ok to ride some natural trials with the bike guys at another rad event.

What I would like to know is how many people roughly plan on comming to the event and if thoes who are would like to compete along side the bike riders or if something similar to what was dont at Motorama with the unicyclist competing under the U rules on different lines.

Rock space is limited so competing on a seperate course woule be difficult and to get enough lines for the u system all in one area also would be a challenge.

Let me know what you think and if you are comming.

One of my friends plays water polo so I know NATS as National Association for Thong Speedos. The plan was to get some t shirts that just said nats, and let everyone try and figure out what it means.

We in Philly would prolly go. But where is 7 springs?

you can probably count on hell on wheel!

Maybe. Due to my lower level of ability, I would be less likely to compete if the unis used the bike lines. But my maybe is based more on being free that day than on the structure of the competition.


Hey Mike, Who did you talk to? We’ve been at Motorama, Flint, Snowshoe and Squamish and never encountered an issue with insurance. Tim Williamson has been supportive of unicycling at NATS, so this is news to me.


I talked to my buddy Jeremy Holdorf who is helping out with the events. He just recomended that I talk to Tim at Trials Sin who is in charge for the Comp at 7 Springs. He was just concerned that all the information he has seen has all said Bicycles and to make sure that the event orginizers were prepaired for Unicyclist, and so that we dont even have to remotely worry about being turned away.

I hope that makes some sence…

This comp is going to be mostly if not all Natural trials from what I understand, so competing along side the bike riders and riding under the NATS rules looks to me like the simpelist option that doesnt involve us hiking up a mountain to get to sections.

I’ll give Tim a call tomorrow and see whats up.


I found seven springs on my map, it’s near Somerset, which is like South East Pa. It’s near the Turnpike so I think i’d be into coming, not to compete, but to hang out.

Let us know how things are coming along, thanks.


We could always attach little tiny wheels under out seats, or on our frames, and say that we are bikes. I think i’m down for it, so long as i don’t go to Japan, which is sitll up in the air. hmmm.

on a related note… does anyone know if Flint is happenning again this year?


From what I’ve heard Flint is a no go. Not sure what happend, it was a great course last year.

Makes sense. Do the bike sections and then just ride around and have fun. You should be be ok with Tim since he’s already told me he has no problem with unicycles being at any NATS comp. Not sure I’ll make it, but I’d like to. I’ll probably know at the last minute depending on family plans.


Believe it or not, I went to a clown convention at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in 1987 (with Jenack Circus Corp.). Oddly enough, that event was just before UNICON III, the previous world championships held in Tokyo. It’s a nice place, with skiing in the winter and an alpine slide down the mountain in summer (if they still have it).

On the permission thing, make sure you get something in writing. Verbal permission can disappear real easy if someone’s boss suddenly decides to be “cautious.”

Good luck with the event! I’ll be in Japan.

I talked to Tim from Trialsin today and he basically went with the notion that I originally thought.

He doesnt care if our bikes have one wheel or two and that we are more than welcome to come. He is going to double check on everything for good measure but start planning on comming to 7 springs if your not going to Japan. It should be alot of fun.

Bringing this back to the top.

Who is going to this comp? I think I may be able to come.

Have you worked out all the details, Checkernuts?


Hi Bill! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. Let us know how it goes.


I got directions to 7 springs, but it looks like it will take 4.5 hours.