Natrual Trials by Forrest Rowell

Hey guys. Figured I’d finally post my natural trials video. Most of it is filmed last summer, I just didn’t finish it until recently.

Keep in mind that I was suffering from back problems while this was filmed. Some clips I’m even wearing a supportive back brace. So, I tried to be creative with some of the lines. :slight_smile:

Tell me what you think.

P.S. PLEAASE select watch in higher quality. I had a booger of a time with the video quality and it’s only thanks to Jerrick that it got uploaded at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant believe this video is “already over”…
sorry, had to say it

I like it sucka…

that last line with the pedal grab looked familiar :wink:

Expected better riding, hope your backs doing well.

Sweet vid though, liked it a lot. Makes me wanna ride some rocks! RAWR

Hah, your bashing a lot of people these days. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

Great video, Forrest. Those rocks look awesome for natural trials. It’s good to see your still riding, and hopefully you back gets better. :slight_smile: :o



liked your video very much especially the lines with the wood over the river. music and edeting fits perfect for me. i wish i had such a nature trial spot near my house.

keep it up!


Such an awesome video. Loved the lines and shots.

Forrest, that was awesome. It was filmed and put together really well. I’m glad you kept the sound of the water in that one clip. I loved how the camera circled around and followed you in the clip where you ride along the log then hop to those barrels. Also, transferring into the timelapse in the scene with the snow was awesome. In some scenes I felt the camera was a bit too close to the action, I felt cramped but overall this was great!

This really makes me want to film another video before I sell my camcorder.

good riding and editing :slight_smile:
some very nice lines in it :wink:

Great riding, editing, and filming.


that was great. nice style love 1:05 line. looks like you have to be quick on your feet when you bail in that rock garden! amazing editing, fit the music very nicely(or did the music fit the edit?) well either way, i was very impressed:)

Dude. Haha seriously the hardest line in the entire video.

Thanks a lot Brian, I had fun with this video and playing around with camera angle stuff. I really overworked my poor brother to get those follow shots though. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I thought about the closeness… but I liked the shots so much I just decided to keep them. Thanks for the feedback.

My compliments to your director of photography. Really nicely filmed and edited.
The log bridge at 1:40 is great. Get your feet wet?
You do great on the boulders too, like at 1:05 where you ride down the skinny bit of a rock.
The rocks look really porous with lots of traction. Like at 1:15 where you stick to the side of a new vertical surface.
Its neat at 3:02 to watch the clouds move when you fast forward.

Great video. Love how you open and close with time laps.

mmmm switchy.

Really good Forrest! Worth my time to watch and then some.

You make such long hops look effortless… Neat video.

Really good riding and GREAT editing
Five stars

How is your back now? Is it back to normal or do you still have lingering problems?:o

Groovy Vid. Good stuff.

Um yeah my back is as good as it’ll ever be now. It’s not perfect but I can ride pretty good.

That would be me. :slight_smile:
Most of the shots I did with a tripod, and I recruited my brother to do the follow/pan shots.

I get my feet wet on the fallen log later towards the end, but I actually made it across first and then got my feet wet trying it another time haha.

wow! very good!:smiley: i liked the music, scenery, camera work and riding!!:smiley: