Nationals Video

Some clips from NAUCC this year. It was so fun I had a blast! Short video just the highlights. I hope you enjoy. THANKS UNICYCLE.TV.


vimeo coming later.

thanks jarin for the triple flip clip

LOVED IT! So disappointed I couldn’t see the triple in person :frowning:

Love you my deluxeschnitte <3

Edit: Who was that sexy beast at the end?

Re-Edit: nevermind :sunglasses:

Anna your riding is so smooth! You rolled out of nearly every trick in the video.

Sick anna! Damn that was some nice filming at 0:15 :p.

Thanks everyone!!
thanks max for the treyflip clip

Really great video! And the tripleflip was awesome! :smiley: So clean!

You seem to be really liked by people, lot of cheering and lots of people sorrounding you. I believe you get more confident and dare to land tricks during those circumstancem which you also did! Great improvment and everything was clean, the cleanest things were the 3sets trey and the outflip…made me shake a bit.

And now to forrest, I HAVE ALWYAS LOVED YOUR VOICE! <3

I was going to say I was not in that video :wink:

Sick video Anna! Tripleflip is legendary :slight_smile:

that was way awesome anna!

congrats on the triple flip!

keep workin of those fifths! :wink:

Woah, that was awesome! You’re very flowy, even with hard tricks! :smiley:

haha thanks man.

Awesome vid Anna. The triple was sick. you’ll be getting em on flat soon;)

Oh and you can grind now!! handrails baby!

really clean awesome stuff there anna! :slight_smile:

i remember this one time max filmed me treyflip a 3 stair… wonder what happened to that clip…

I really like how you freak out after these tricks - it´s sort of human. Congratulations on the cool stuff.

Thanks everybody!!! Im glad to hear that my flow is improving. And yes hahah I do get excited when I land tricks :slight_smile: