National Unicycle Convention 1998

Subject: 1998 National Unicycle Convention Update

About two weeks ago John Foss, Dana Schneider and I visited Jenni White, the
organizer of the 1998 National Unicycle Convention. While we only had a day and
a half to visit Jenni. We did get to see all the facilities and help pick out
the MUni course. Below are some brief topics with some of my opinions and

Scenery The scenery was great, Monrovia is right next to the mountains. Of
course, this comes from a person who lives in somewhat flat Minnesota.

Mountain Unicyling (MUni) After looking around at a few possible spots, we found
a rather decent course that will be challenging. While it not all that long,
there is some good ups and downs. The course ends at a stream. The course itself
is up in the mountains and for the most part, the road leading up the course has
some good scenic views.

More Mountain Unicycling (MUni) This year with more people interested in MUni
there is going to be trails set up for each day for people to ride. The people
interested in MUni will be able to ride during the day and then come back at
night and hang out with the rest of the unicyclists. One trail that will be on
the agenda is the Mt. Wilson fire trail. This trail has an altitude difference
of 5000 feet and is 9 miles long. Anybody who goes up and down this trail in one
day will most definitely get a workout. Jenni has gone down the trail and says
it is fun. As Nationals gets closer, the rest of the trails will be announced
for those enthusiasts.

Workshops Last year there was a big emphasis on workshops and Jenni wants to
make sure that workshops will still be a focus for 1998. I’m not sure the exact
number of workshops or the quantity but if you have a special skill that you
wouldn’t mind sharing, contact Jenni.

Racing The racing track is a nice nine lane red track. As far as I could tell,
all the lanes were in good condition.

Artistic The artistic will be done at the YMCA. The gym itself is not
air-conditioned but the facility has air conditioning. The floor is a wood floor
that looks nice to ride on.

Final Party I don’t much about the final party except for the food. We ate at
the restaurant that will be catering the final party and it was good authentic
Mexican. At least it was more authentic then the stuff I get here in Minnesota.

Public Show This was one facility we did not get to see as it closed on the
weekends. The expert pairs will be competing as part of the expert show.

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