National Independence Day parade. Washington DC. Trials Ride??

Ya, so our group “The Gym Dandies” Is riding in the 4 of july parade in DC aka the capital.

Anyways, Bryan and I will have our trials unis with us and hope to do some riding. we go get there Saturday or Sunday and leave Wednesday or Thursday. Aim: Kactheace or PM me and ill give you my cell if you want to ride.

Is Bryan going to have a new rim by then?

Nope, Kaycees riding his old KH '04 wheelset because his '05 is too bent to ride.
Since my rim is messed I’ll put my non-bent cranks on his wheelset and use that.

We’r leaving today, I know theres some trials riders around there and a unihoki team i think.

I’ve already got July 4 plans here in Richmond, but when I saw your post I seriously considered coming up to DC instead. There’s a really awesome park near Dupont Circle that would be fun for trials. Oh well, have fun.

I would love to come, but I’ll be in Canada for the 4th. Real patriotic right :wink: