National biketrials series- any uni interest?


I just got a note from the person who organizes the North American Bike Trials series. He was wondering if there was any local interest in organizing unitrials events to coincide with their events. Some are already happening, ie Motorama, and riders always show up at Squamish already, but anyway here’s the list of their events so far:

> Motorama in Pennsylvania (feb.)
> Squamish Test of Metal (june)
> 24 Hours of Big Bear Lake in West Virginia (formerly 24 hours of
> Snowshoe/Canaan) June 18th.
> Sequatchie TN sometime in first half of July
> Arizona/California still working on detials… spring time though
> Colorado, still working on details.

Send me a note if you are interested in helping organize something at any of these locations and I’ll put you in touch with the biketrials organizer.


Kris Holm

I’m interested in the Colorado one, only if It will be in my area (i.e. colorado springs, denver, salida) so if someone is already signed up, then don’t worry.


 I live near Seattle Washington and ride with all the seattle riders, John c., Harper, Tom B., Tom J, Steve, g3orge, etc... I am very interested in competing in The Test of Metal. I'll check frequently for updates, etc... I'll be looking forward to it. If you have anymore info on the Test of Metal that would be great.

-Sabin Arditty
(email :

we attended the 24 hours of snowshoe event 2 years ago (last year there was not a comp). we would be interested in doing it again if something could be set up. and of course we are planning to attend motorama.

i can for test of metal.

along with 4 others

Sigh… Stupid boring midwest…

Ditto. But Northwest for me.

ya I’m definitely interested in going to motorama. If you have any info please send it to me

Does anyone know the exact date of motorama?

I can help with test of metal:D

Thanks! I’m sure there will be more info closer to the date.


Is the June Test of Metal in Squamish going to have UniTrials?

The site says no Sunday trials (scroll down to “Fewer Events”).

My family is vactaioning in West Virginia in June. I’ll see if i can get there.

Unfortunately it looks like it actually might not happen this year. The main trials organizer just had a kid and isn’t able to work as much on trials events this year, and we’re losing the venue that we have had for the last couple of years. Hopefully something can be worked out- I’ll keep people posted.


I just spoke to Tim Williamson (one of the organizers of the North American trials series. He is saying that Squamish will happen.

The current NATS bike trials schedule is posted at

and is as follows:

Flagstaf, AZ - April 10 (Sunday)
Squamish Test of Metal, British Columbia - TBA
Big Bear Lake, WV - June 18 (Saturday)
Trials Training Center, Sequatchie, TN - July 9 (Saturday)

Unfortunately Motorama will not be an NATS event this year, but the competition is definitely happening anyway for bikes, motorcycles, and unicycle trials on February 19th.

See for more info.

wheres the one in colorado i might be able to get a ride down there to ride in it if you could to get me the detals on that would be good

Colorado is not official yet. When it does become official, there will need to be a trials unicyclist willing to volunteer to organize it.

This involves working with the biketrials event organizer, being responsible for building the unicycle trials course, running the event and making sure everything goes smoothly. Typically this person would need to be available to work on setup the day before the event.

Joe Merrill

I may be able to do this, provided it’s in the second half of the summer. I know a few local bike trials people who have organized events, and there is always Owen, Nate and Aaron to do all the work! But seriously, let me know or PM me with any information you have on dates and locations, contacts etc.

Cool. I’ll keep you posted. Are you going to Moab?

We’ll be there for sure, look for a tall goofy guy being ignored by two 14 year-olds.