National Bike Registry

Included with my new Torker LX was a card from the NBR. It is a deal where I can register my bike for free for 6 months for $10.00 I can have it extended for 10 years. If my bike is lost or stolen, then found I can have my bike traced to me. There is a small sticker to wrtire my serial number on then stick it on the bike. Is this worth it or what ae your thoughts on this deal?

is anyone part of this?

It would probably be cheaper and more effective to write your name and address, phone #, and email on a sticker on the bottom of your seat. Then if someone finds it they may contact you. If all it has is a set of numbers they’ll probably think, “What the crap is this for?!” and ignore it, you don’t have a unicycle fall into your lap everyday you know. :wink:

the chances of restoring a stolen bike or uni are slim and extrealy slim that it will be found by the police.

what would be smart to do it write down the serrial number ( somewhere already on the frame) so if you see it on cragslist or ebay you can identify it

also the first thing a theif would do is tear off that sticker and repaint the frame.

I have my torker set up with that, it was free, so why not?

I doubt ill ever loose my uni, i never take my eye off it.

Do the police run an invisible marking scheme in the US.

You can take your bike to the cop shop here in the uk and they’ll write your postcode on your bike with a special pen. I should think that any bike thieves would be wise to the sticker thing and know to peel them off before selling them on.