Nate & 16x mm cranks

Hi everybody,

I am posting a long shot wanted list if anybody else is doing a clean-up in the garage (as I do โ€“ post to come).

I am searching for a Nate tire and a set of ISIS cranks in the 160mm range (more or less 5mm).

I donโ€™t have much to trade except maybe a couple of tires. Otherwise, just send me a PM with the price you are asking with shipping to 02476 (and parts you are looking for just in case).

Thanks and have a fun ride in the mud :wink:

Update: I forgot to mention that I am looking for a saddle base too :smiley:


Still looking for a Surly Nate (any Oregon owner that changed for a different tire and want to get some $$ ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Still looking for cranks? I have 165 mm moments.

Thanks Bri. I noticed your set of Moments but I realized that I should do some test rides first with 150mm on this setup before jumping on 165mm.

I bumped this thread for the tire (but as I cannot edit the original post, it gets a bit confusing maybe).

Hope you sell all you parts to finish your next build quicker :wink:

I got lucky on eBay, thread closed :slight_smile: