Natchez Trace State Park (TN) MUni Rendezvous

May 3
9:00 a.m.
Natchez Trace State Park, Tennessee.

Natchez Trace State Park MUni Rendezvous.

The park is at mile post 116 of I-40. Roughly 1/2 way between Memphis and Nashville. We will meet at the Park’s Visitor’s Center at 9:00 a.m. I am expecting folks form throughout the region – especially those from Nashville. Come on out and meet some others from the extended uni-area.

TWIMC: Tommy asked me to post this, and invite any and all, because he’s “too busy” to get to it. Somebody needs to shake some sense back into him.

The trails at Natchez Trace have considerable challenges. Bluffs, elevation change, etc.

Fun stuff. Nice place to camp.

OK, I’ve got a little time now.

I have yet to ride the trails at Natchez Trace State Park but I’ve heard that they are awesome. Depending on the weather, Rody and I might be camping there on Saturday night but leaving early enouth to make a uni performance/demonstration back in Memphis by Sunday afternoon. That is a day and a half of great MUni-ing! I hope to see several form the extended uni-area there!

Tommy :slight_smile: