Nasty comment

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“Yes, but no thanks!”

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Help! Rescue us! We live with an ***hole!

The world contains a never-ending supply of ***holes. Got to let them slide, or be stressed. You certainly don’t want to educate him about the rules of the road, especially when he’s in such a mood!

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I thought Harper lived in Seattle. Or near Seattle. He must live in the flat part of the area.

Yes, some people even enjoy riding up hills. Not me. I enjoy finishing riding up hills. I appreciate the effort and exercise, as long as I get to ride back down at some point!

Yes, I think the only people who could beat themselves on an uphill race between bike and unicycle would be really lousy bike riders, who don’t know how to use their gears. No, riding a fixed-gear mountain bike with inappropriate gear doesn’t count.

I have seen a guy change his pants while riding a unicycle. This is a lot more involved than just removing enough for mooning. Loose pants and a little practice, and you’re ready to be ticketed for indecent exposure! :smiley:

(last one, I promise!)

You expect that guy to read? :slight_smile:

Nasty comment

Just in case anybody’s considering accusing John Foss of post-count padding…

You’ll have to get in line

behind me!


Go ahead! I double-dare you!

Butt, butt…

Note the use of a single post. :slight_smile:

Re: You need to reply

Or not…
Then you just stoop down to the same level as them, plus you never know what they might be carrying in their car/on bike that could harm you.

Not even stooping to their level.

You just sound like an idiot with nothing better to say

Re: You’re about to be mooned.

Anyone can drop their drawers and moon someone. But it takes more skill to be able to moon someone while on a unicycle. I’m sure you were inspired by SpYdeR’s antics. SpYdeR v1o has my respect for his advanced unicycle mooning skills.

Some little weiner kid called me a “disgrace to society”. Little punk. I’d like to see that little f***ing idiot ride a uni. Ignoramus…

Also, with regards to swearing at ppl: it just makes me feel a lot better. :smiley: I don’t care if I’m f***ing stooping to their level. It’s just for a few seconds. So there. I feel better already.

Well then, what more could you ask for? :slight_smile:

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We certainly are serious about our disrobing-while-mounted skills, now aren’t we?

Yes, I was inspired by SpYdeR’s antics.

I was inspired to put on my pants before I go out to ride next time.

rather than swear back at people (which i do, i love delivering a harvey keitel/drill sargeant-in-a-quentin tarantino-marine-movie style monologue when the mood takes me), i use a curse that is best delivered in sotto voce
(and sparingly, just incase the new agers are onto something with the belief that these things come back at u)

“May u die, may your children never be happy.”

this makes me feel much better


i worry about me sometime
but only sometime

Re: Re: You’re about to be mooned.

This is true. And it got me to thinking. From the show where I once saw two guys exchange their clothes while unicycing, to shows I have coming up this year. How to combine the ‘classical’ performer-type image, with the freestyle tricks and giraffe, with the ‘extreme’ image of Trials and MUni?

It might be fun to strip off an outer layer of ‘performer’ clothes, while riding, to a cool shirt or jersey and pair of mountain biking shorts. Then you can pick up a helmet and pads, and continue the show without hardly having stopped!

More to the topic:
How about this as a get-you-shot comeback for annoying drivers?
“Oops! Sorry, didn’t know it was your road, I selfishly thought it was everybody’s! You’ll need to get your signs put back up so everybody knows who it belongs to!”

I feel so special, I made Glutenous jealous… teeheehee. And I have John Child’s respect in the mooning department. Awesome stuff. John Foss, one post. heh

Re: Re: Re: You’re about to be mooned.

I like it…

Now just add alot more swear words and SHOUT it in full Adam Sandler’s demeaning style for full effect! :smiley:

I have heard a few discouraging words while cycling -although I have not been riding as long as my hero Mr. Harper. My favorite requires a short explanation: Mountain cyclists in my area are encouraged to shout “rider” when approaching blind corners on trails -as these particular trails are bidirectional (and used mostly by bicyclists). Bicyclists travel at greater speeds than walkers, joggers, dog walkers, and the occasional unicyclist (me). During a group ride with about 15 bikers in a row they stopped to allow a dog walker to clear the pack and discussed how they never used to have to stop for slow “barnies”(riders), dogs etc -what would they encounter next? As they got back up to speed and headed down a steep hill on a narrow path that runs alongside a steep grade along side the bayou, the first rider saw me. We both yelled “rider”, and we slowed down and cleared each other. The second rider looked up in time to see his leader almost stopped about the same time as he could hear “rider”. Then he saw me pedalling towards him. He was skidding when he grabbed a tree, which stopped him as I rode by. His handle bars were in front of him and as he reached for them, he fell down the side of the trail. He was still clipped in as he slid farther down trying to free himself from his bike. When he stopped struggling, he stopped moving. I made my way down to help when he said “don’t touch me” and then about 50 nasty meaningless words made his attitude about me clear. He slid a little farther down the slope before allowing a biker to assist.