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I hardly ever get any abusive comments when I’m riding a unicycle. I got my second one in 39 years of riding today. I got off of a lightly traveled street and onto the sidewalk to push a crosswalk signal button because there were no cars to trip the signal. While I was waiting some cars pulled up to the light. I walked across the intersection and did a rolling mount in the street and rode off. After a moment, a car that pulled up behind me (with plenty of room to pass on the left without even crossing the center) started leaning on his horn. He gunned it and pulled around me. He was yelling at me and pointing to the right (pull over? what?) but I couldn’t hear him, his windows were closed. He had two nasty little mongrels in the car with him, also barking their empty little heads off. He pulled ahead of me and then stopped right in the middle of the street. I had to pull around him on the left. I think he was upset because it took so long to catch me. He rolled down the window and began yelling, " ARE YOU TRYING TO GET RUN OVER? GET OVER ON THE SIDEWALK, NOW YOU %%$#&!!" The dogs were saying something like, “woof woof woof woof!!” I had to laugh and say, “GOOD dogs” stressing the plural, as I passed.

Todays score: Blue Shift 1, bicycles zero. And that bicycle was being ridden by a living person! Gorgeous sunny day and 55 in Seattle.

I have heard most of the stock, well meaning comments (where’s your other wheel etc…). I did have one nasty type once. I was riding out of a dirt path near my house and as I approached the sidewalk a big pick up truck passed by with a cowgirl in the passenger seat who yelled out: " YOU FREAK!"
It kind of caught me off gaurd and I didn’t have a reply, probably just as well.

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Translation from Buster please?

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Buster is sure it means, “squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel!!!”

two nasty comments in 39 years?
quit yer whinging.

i can get 4 in a day here in scotland when theres a full moon.

most of the idiots seem realy disapointed when i don’t even look around.

Bummer about the encounter.

Too bad there isn’t an easy way to moon someone while riding the uni. I’m sure it’s possible, just not easy. One would have to be, like, a level 15 rider to pull that off, I’m sure. Although you DO have both hands free to make a physical suggestion of another design, that may not go over very well. :smiley:

speaking of passing bikers, I passed 3 bikers on my 24" today, woohoo!

man I’m tired.


Hey Harper,

I think it is very appropriate that this guy had dogs barking. To me, dogs barking is what it sounds like as motorists are yelling as they pass. Also, I think their behavior reflect about the same IQ of their K-9 companions.

I have it on some authority that this feat is not beyond Gregio. I’ll do my best to get photo evidence when next we ride; although it will be difficult to hold the camera steady -I’ll do my best.


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The other day, Beau went on a ride up the local little hill (about 3 1/2
miles, 900’ climbing one way) with his friend and the friend’s dad. They
were on bikes and he was on his 20" Monty. He beat them both to the top and
was stoked! They were surprised as they both ride a fair amount.

But the question you have to ask is not “Can I beat that bicyclist up this
hill?” but “Could I beat myself up this hill if I were on bike?”


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> speaking of passing bikers, I passed 3 bikers on my 24" today, woohoo!

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The answer for me is no. It is so much easier to climb a hill on a bike. I’ve timed myself up some hills on my mountain bike and my muni and my Coker. I’m faster on the bike and I’m not as tired at the top. I wonder how many people would be faster on a uni uphill than on a bike?

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You guys ride uni’s up hills? Isn’t that hard? Isn’t it tiring?

Actually, my friend and I were at a local restraurant when it was closed. He doesn’t Unicycle so I showed off a little. He thought it was funny. But, I took off my coat, my shirt and then mooned him. Getting them down was easy, getting them back up was hard but I got it. Hope this inspires someone. heh

try riding at a high school, gets you lots of comments. Depending on when i leave school, i get 0-5 comments,

Cool! That little stunt will get you 1 point in the Unicycle Fanatic Test at <;

Question #6
Your hands are free so…
Have you done the following on a unicycle

Option #3: Removed an item of clothing

Too bad they don’t have a separate option for mooning.

I think Gluteous Maximus is going to be jealous.

You need to reply

I find that the most effective way to get back at the jackass that yells somthing stupid at you, is just to simply show them a big fat finger and yell the fuck you loud as possible.

I guess the “level 15” image I had in mind involved the car passed you and was now in front of you while you are still riding forward but somehow you can moon him. Involving twisting your body around to moon him and smile at him at the same time, :smiley: with a grin like that.

Your way is easier and works if you can pedal backwards.

Come on harper,
The guy didnt even threaten to light you on fire or beat you up and start swinging a golf club at you while propositioning your for man to man oral lovin’. You really need to get out more to hear some of the REALLY nasty comments you can get.


When I go out from now on it will only be with the MoJo protection offered by my “MUni MILITIA” T-shirt. I will be untouchable.

You’re about to be mooned.

Think again.


How soon they forget!

Moi? Jealous?

Well, once in a blue moon, maybe…