Nashville, TN Ride?

I will be in Nashville, TN on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16th. Anyone interested in a ride? It would have to be Saturday evening or Sunday, early afternoon.

I have no idea about places to ride, but a 4 to 7 mile ride would be great. I am only equipped for a street ride (Schwinn 24" with 1.75 only), or maybe very smooth trail.

Respond here or e-mail me directly ( kchirokid at aol dot com )

btt, any takers? --chirokid–

im pretty sure that the 15th is on a friday…

I’d love to rendezvous with the Nashville folks but having just returned from NAUCC and the following week I have to be in Washington D.C. I need to stay closer to the “farm” on that weekend. The Memphis Unicycle Club will be getting together to do something should you wnat to push farther west to play. We often do a weekend, urban tour in the downtown area that includes Mud Island, loads of hops and drops for those who have the gear and skills.


I recently left Nashville, but a few Muni riders used to ride at Hamilton Creek Park on the weekends. Send an email to David ( He might still be in town. For a flat paved trail ride, you can try Shelby Bottoms Greenway. The trailhead is at the East side of the park. There is also a very hilly (but shady) paved loop at Percy Warner Park. If you have the time, the trip to Memphis will be well worth it. It’s a great group. But be warned. You’ll return home with an uncontrollable urge to multiply your Uni collection.

Its something in the water.

We will definately schedule something soon to meet 1/2 way (nashville-ish), but for now, we’re getting over the big storm. Everyone’s been staying at my house for what seems like forever. I’m losing the last of our guests this Sat.

We’d love to head to your hills sometime. I just returned from St. Louis and hills riding is way different when the hills just go on and on and on…

What do they say, “The devil’s in the details.” But Max is right, I stand corrected, I will be in Nashville on Sat and Sunday, August 16th and 17th.

Unibiker, I appreciate the heads-up on places to ride and the potential contact with David. I will e-mail him. Thanks so much.

For all the rest of you who are tired after NAUCC, I think your just Lazy! :smiley: Just kidding, hopefully I can meet with someone to ride. Tommy, a 1/2 way ride sounds AWESOME. I’ll watch for details later. --chirokid–


I live in Nashville. I wish I could take you out to
some great places to ride, but I’ll be sweltering in
100F heat in France next week for PBP:

However, I’m happy to describe what I think is a pretty
decent ride that will meet your expectations. Nashville
has just opened the Shelby Street Bridge for pedestrian
and bicycle traffic only. The bridge takes you across
the Cumberland River and overlooks the Titans stadium.

An 8-mile (round-trip) bike lane will take you past
Belmont University, Music Row, and downtown Nashville.
Start at the Wild Oats Market on Belmont Avenue and
just follow the bike lane north. A Nashville city map
isn’t required, but may make you more comfortable.

You may also consider riding in Centennial Park and
visiting the Parthenon.

Have fun.


P.S. Since I’ll be out of town, I can make arrangements
to loan you my Coker.

<< Send an email to David ( He
might still be in town. >>

Unfortunately David has left us. He’s bike touring in
Europe/Asia on a tandem with his wife, then will return
to New Mexico. I was lucky enough to meet and ride with
him a week before he left.

<< For a flat paved trail ride, you can try Shelby Bottoms
Greenway. >>

Good suggestion. The newly opened Shelby Street Bridge
can now take you to Shelby Bottoms via a bike lane, but
the round trip would be 21 miles. He’ll have more fun
just parking at the entrance and riding there.

<< There is also a very hilly (but shady) paved loop
at Percy Warner Park. >>

If you do this ride, I’d advise a Camelbak or
equivalent. It’s a good workout, but no water
along the loop(s).


Rubic, if your going to France to ride in the PBP, it is probalby best I didn’t ride with you. You would find my pace and rest stops way too frequent. LOL Have a great ride, it does sound like an awesome adventure.

The Shelby Street Bridge ride sounds great. Is it ok (safe) to do after dark, or in twilight evening? Thanks for the offer of the coker, but I better stay with my normal mount. If you were with me, it would be a different story. I’d be begging you to let me ride the Beast.

Thanks for all the suggestion and the offer. Have a great time in France. --chirokid–

Regarding Shelby Street Bridge bike route:

If you decide to ride it in the dark, I’d recommend
at a minimum a reflective vest. If it were me, I’d
probably also be wearing my reflective ankle straps
and a red LED blinker.

There should be enough ambient light to negotiate
the route without a flashlight or equivalent, but
you might want to reconnoiter the route first in
the daylight from your car.


Here are some detailed instructions for the 8 mile
loop. I rode it Saturday night with reflective gear and
felt pretty safe. As it happened, there was a
Titans games at the stadium that I could see from
the bridge. The directions may look complicated,
but you’re basically just following the bike lane to
downtown and back. Don’t forget to check out the
Parthenon at Centennial Park! Have fun. Sorry
I won’t be in town.

Belmont / Shelby Street Bridge Unicycle Loop: 7.8 miles

0.0 Start at Wild Oats, 3201 Belmont Blvd.
Corner of Belmont & Gale. Left onto Belmont.

0.1 Start of bike lane, follow it down Belmont

1.1 Bike lane ends briefly. Belmont University is
on your right.

1.2 Follow Belmont onto Portland by bearing left.

1.3 Right onto 18 Ave S. Pick up bike lane.

1.5 Right onto Magnolia Blvd.

1.6 Straight at traffic light (Wedgewood), Magnolia Blvd.
becomes 16 Ave. S., a one-way street. Bike lane on
return is 17th Ave S.

2.7 Bear right onto the roundabout, right onto Demonbruan St.

2.9 Cross over Interstate.

3.2 Cross over train tracks. Union Station is on your left.
Bike lane ends, continue straight.

3.8 Left on 3rd Ave. S., past Country Music Hall of Fame
on right.

3.9 Right onto Shelby Street Bridge.

0.0 From the Shelby Street Bridge, left at 3rd Ave. S.

0.1 Right onto Demonbruan St. After crossing 4th Ave. S.,
unicycling may be more comfortable on the wide sidewalk
following Demonbruan.

0.6 At 10 Ave. S., rejoin the bike lane, continue following

1.1 Bear right on roundabout, right onto 17th Ave. S.

2.3 Cross traffic light (Wedgewood). 17th Ave. S. becomes
Magnolia Blvd.

3.4 Left onto 18th Ave. S., following the bike lane.

3.6 Left on Portland, bike lane ends briefly. After left
turn, bear right on Portland which becomes Belmont Blvd.

3.8 Rejoin bike lane on Belmont Blvd.

3.9 Turn right into Wild Oats Parking lot at Gale. End trip.

Thanks Rubic, I have copied the directions. You have been most helpful.

Do great and have a wonderful time at PBP. --chirokid–


I’m back from Paris-Brest-Paris. The heat wave broke before the ride and we had great weather. There was a Finn who rode the whole way on a kickbike!

Did you enjoy your stay in Nashville? I’m sorry I wasn’t around to ride with you.