Nashbar 20" unicycle for $65

Saw this uni on Nashbar, looks like they’re clearing them out at $65.
Can anyone identify it? I mean, I doubt Nashbar went out and had a unicycle manufactured for them, so I assume they’re just putting their name on some other cheap uni. Wonder if it’s worth buying as a loaner uni?


“Are you tired of 2 wheels? Then its time to try just one, the Nashbar Unicycle has all the features you need to stay upright in your favorite local parking lot, driveway, or circus tent. Cushy saddle provides the right amount of comfort. Platform pedals enhance balance and stability Heavy-duty 6” cranks are built to endure anything from a sidewalk crash to an elephant stampede at the circus.
Tires: 20 or 24 x 1.75", Black
Fork: CP Steel
Crankset: 6" CP Steel
Saddle: Black
Pedals: Black Resin
Frame: CP Steel "


Looks like it’s not terrible for a cheap-ass uni.

Possibly “United” brand uni? Looks like the United unis I bought for my kids.

I’ve also seen the same uni branded as Gravity.

i learned on a gravity 24"

perfect to learn on. however, i did one small 10" drop, and twisted the hub.

It’s SO much better than the low-end unicycles you would get 20 years ago. Those had crap seats (pain and finger-pinching), lolipop bearings, bendy cranks, etc. The seat looks like one of those ones that are kid-sized, but otherwise I bet it’s something that would hold up to beginner riders for many years.

10 years ago even… My cheap learner did have all of those problems.
Had to duct tape the seat to stop bleeding fingers… Lollipop bearings tore off the frame eventually. Extremly bendable cranks… etc…

This def looks like it would hold up for any beginner for quite some time.