Narrowing KH Saddle Foam

Thanks for the advice from GizmoDuck on seat width I have trimmed my KH slim down at the sides with a bread knife (although it looks like I used some hungry mice).

There was 5mm at each side which I cut back to the base and rounded off the top and side transitions.

It instantly felt better on my ride to and from work the top tendon on my abductor that gets most of the chaffing has hardly any pressure now. It was only a short ride and just after a 20 mile ride so my bits are a bit tender still so I won’t know the full extent of the change till my weekend ride but so far it seems like a massive improvement.

So if like me you have narrow hips or suffer from lots of chafing get a knife to your foam and narrow it down!

Lots of side padding at the rear and about 5mm at the sides in the center


Heavy trimming with mice/knife

Top view

Nice :slight_smile:

Now just wait till you try a flat, thin and narrow saddle.

Just waiting for someone to start selling them :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: