Narrowest tire on a 24" Large Marge rim?

I’m about to build up my Conundrum, and am trying to figure out whether I should go with a standard width rim and no brake or the Surly Large Marge rim.

If I do build it up with the Large Marge, what are my tire options?

If anyone has any further insight about how the Large Marge feels compared to a more traditional rim, I’d be glad to hear about that as well.

There’s no reason to go with the Large Marge unless you’re going to put a huge tire on it (at least 3"). The Large Marge feels like a boat anchor.

On the other hand, it would be silly to build up the Conundrum as an XC MUni. So I’d probably go with the Large Marge. Then I’d go for either the new Larry tire, or one of the standard 3" tires like the Duro or the Intense.

Sadly, it’s my impression that the Larry tire is only available in 26"? I’ve got a 24" Conundrum.

I used a maxxis 2.5 on my large marge for a long time, and it worked pretty well. You could probably go down to a 2.35, but at that point you should be using a smaller, lighter rim.

If you want to save a bit of weight you can drill out the large marge out. Half inch holes saved about 120 grams on the last rim I drilled.

Thanks Max! That’s exactly what I was hoping to learn. 2.5" should be just fine.

How’d it ride like that?